Thursday, March 08, 2007



And mustard, ham, cheese, and pickles...


Or: last night's supper...Cuban sandwichs...mmmmm.....those were good!
I'm really glad they turned out well... it took a little time, but for as good as they were it wasn't much time at all. And we have enough for lunch on Sunday! Yum! :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ripples in fluff

This is what I've been working on most recently:

It's a crocheted ripple afghan made from the yarn leftover from the sweater I made for Christmas.

It looks rather like a scarf in this picture, but that's the width, and the skinnier part is just all that I've gotten done on it yet. It's not the best yarn for showing the ripple pattern, but I mainly wanted to use up the yarn, and it will look nice and be fuzzy, even if you can't see the pattern!

It's certainly not as impressive as the one here, or the ones that everyone else * is doing, but I don't have a stash of yarn with enough colors of the same weight to be able to use them all in a striped afghan...even if it does look really neat! (It wouldn't really go with my bedroom either...) But ripple afghans are really "in" right all colors...and so are granny square afghans, even the awful ones with un-coordinating shades of horrible acrylic... those are the ones you can find on ebay: vintage...ugh, vintage is cool and all that, but you can keep your acrylic '60s, '70s monstrosities if that's okay...

Oh, and the title I put on this reminded me of a word I came up with yesterday... "fluffing": the fluffy stuffing inside a stuffed animal... there was some of it in with the laundry and I was trying to say what it was, and my tongue decided to combine "fluff" and "stuffing"...I liked the result though.

Oh don't roll your eyes, what do you expect: it was a Monday... Mondays are full of fluffing... :)

*I can't guarantee the language used on that's lots of different people posting about their ripple afghans