Friday, February 16, 2007


I've got a bit of a cold, ugh...anyway...

Here's the baby afghan I made for the baby our pastor's wife is expecting:

The baby shower was two weeks ago, and I forgot to get a picture of this before I gave it to her. But big sister Hannah shot a picture for me, thanks Hannah! :)

Oh dear, now I'm sneezing... I'm mainly tired today, with a slightly sore throat. I get along okay though if I keep up on the cups of hot tea, and the occasional chewable Tylenol. It seems like the chewable gets to my throat that way, and helps faster. I have no clue if Tylenol really works that way or not...I'm waiting for someone to tell me that "no of course it doesn't have any topical effect at all, you're just imagining it!" Which I may very well be, though I do know my headaches respond very fast to regular swallowed Tylenol.

The spell-check says that Tylenol is supposed to be capitalized, which I suppose it is...I should have said acetaminophen... it's not Tylenol brand anyhow.

Oh well, as long as I'm just sneezing, not coughing. If I get coughing, I don't stop for weeks...

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Valentine's Day cupcakes to be exact:

They aren't as neatly decorated as I would have liked, but I was in a hurry... I don't really have time for decorating cupcakes during the week on a regular basis!

I also can't seem to get the hang of photographing food, it always looks...flat, sort of. And if I try to shoot things at an angle, you can't see all of it and it looks just as scary, even if it is more artistic! :) Then there's the whole decision about whether to use flash or not...also affecting the scariness of the food item being shot. I think food is generally hard to photograph though.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

School, life, etc.

Well, I thought I’d do a post about what I’m doing in the way of school and stuff. Technically this is my last year of high-school, but since I’m not planning on going to college, I’m not going to completely finish this year. Right now I’m working on literature, history, and science. The books I’m using are about as comprehensive as college books. I know Mom read some where that someone’s kid had used a BJU history textbook in 8th or 9th grade, and said it was way more detailed and in-depth than their college book!
So anyway, we’re looking at these books as pretty much college level. The literature and history are Bob Jones University press, and when I get done with these ones, Mom has another one of each for me to do…so I’ll be at them for a while at least.

I’m not terribly fond of the literature book…although I’m starting to like it better. Since I love to read, I don’t really like reading little tiny bits out of a book and not knowing the context or anything. And some of the selections are from books I wouldn’t have any interest in anyway…although I’ll read just about anything! It is very well-presented and from a Christian view-point and has explanation and background for the selections. The book is divided into unit or chapters, with a subject for each one, like the one I just finished was on “allusion”. Also, every unit/chapter there is at least one, usually more, writing assignments that have to do with the subject, i.e.: writing something with allusions.

History is going okay, I never have really liked history, and it’s not much better with this book…it’s not so much the history I mind (I can read right through a history book fine), but the having to read it and comprehend all the stuff I need for the test. Because, while I am comprehending it in my own way, that is, it’s sort of stored in the back of my head and if I really have some need for it, I’ll probably be able to remember it. But I have to know everything exactly for the test…

Science, on the other hand, I enjoy. The book I’m working on now, Biology, is a little bit more difficult than the last one which was Physical Science. I think I have a liking for things that can’t really be proved/are tangible other than if you know the formula, and know it’s there. In other words, the centripetal force post I wrote last year! :) Which would also be why I like (at least in concept) Algebra…or did…I like the organization of taking an equation and solving it….if it’s difficult and I can’t solve it, that’s when I get frustrated. I suppose all that could be looked at by a psychologist(or would it be a psychiatrist? I always get confused) as a possible unwillingness to face reality… Ha-ha! :) Which I certainly don’t think I have, being very German and practical and all…

Anyway, after that irrelevant side-thought, coming back to the main point, I like my science book best of all. It’s Apologia, written by Jay Wile, and is (like my last two books) the best science book ever. Well-explained without being stuffy, casual without being ignorantly chummy! Hmm…do I sound like I’ve been reading British mystery novels or what? Or clothing descriptions…

I’m not doing anything for math right now, since I finished my Consumer Math book. I’m not sure yet whether I’m doing geometry or more algebra next, Mom and Dad haven’t decided. I would rather not do either of course, but since I have to, I’d rather do geometry rather than try to struggle through another algebra book…ugh. :)

So that’s pretty much what I’m up to in school. In general, I’ve been working on various craft projects and thinking about what I’m going to do in the upcoming years.
Ideally, I like to have a business, but that rather needs capital and a market for what you’re selling. So, for right now, it’s mainly saving money for something, and working on my skills (skills, ha-ha! Anyone know what I’m thinking of?).
I’d like to have a shop either selling crafts/hand-made stuff, or picture framing, specializing in framing cross-stitch. I really have no idea what sort of market and competition there would be for either of those where we live. If you live in the right part of the US, and probably certain parts of the state, you could have a pretty good market for the hand-crafted stuff, and likewise the framing, though I have a feeling those would not have the same market.
And the frustration that I have now even, is that I have more hobbies/things to do/things I could do, than I have time or money for! Oh well…I guess that I at least can’t say I’m bored! :)