Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ah...good morning?

Okay, I think I'd forgotten there was a 5:45 in the morning...I haven't up this early for a long time, not since I used to get up and jog! The hummingbirds know it's morning, they're up bothering my cat already..and have been for some time I'm thinking.
Honestly, when I my alarm went of this morning, I thought "this can't be right, it can't possibly be morning, it's still dark outside!" But it was...and still is...

I'm going on a canoe trip which is why I'm up so that will be fun...*yawn* If I can just wake up!

Oh, and whoever "anonymous" in the comments is...I can't figure out who you are...could you at least leave your initials!!!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Any ideas?

I'm trying to figure out what to call my craft blog...and in that process perhaps come up with a name for any crafting business I may have later.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for something sort of cute and catchy, but not too cutesy... :)

Do you have any ideas?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Colin is...

His birthday was last Tuesday...I'm afraid this cake actually looks worse than last year's cake, even though I've done a lot more decorating since last year! :)
Hmm...I was going to link to the post about last year's cake, but I seem to have deleted the photos... Well, here's a picture of it I found...maybe I was just being more ambitious this year!

Is anybody out there...

...does anybody care? Have I lost all my readers? Probably. If you read this please let me know...please tell me you haven't given up on me... :( I need a little, sad cat face emoticon to put there...

Anyway, yeah, I'm still here...have been all summer in fact, just not here on the blog! I don't have a vacation or anything to blame for the long silence.
Nor have I really gotten that many craft projects done, or schoolwork... it has been a fairly relaxing summer though! I even forgot to post on my one year blog anniversary, 6/9. Not that that first post was at all spectacular, quite the opposite, but I've been blogging (or not) for over a year now! I did post two days later, but that was a pretty lame post. I haven't had a "real" post since May 25th.

Okay, so what have I been up to in the, let's see. Oh, we painted and put new tile down in the laundry closet...unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. It's a sort of blue-purple color...very laundry-closety. :)

I have been working on a few sewing, knitting, crocheting projects...but I don't have pictures of them either.

I'm thinking about starting a separate craft blog...though I'm not sure I have enough material for two blogs! I was at one point going to start a separate blog as a photo gallery of my finished projects, so I think this one will serve that purpose as well. I'll be sure to put labels on all posts, so that by clicking on a Finished Projects label, you get all the posts with pics of finished things.

One really big project we've been working on is we pulled all the carpet out of the house, and are in the process of putting down some vinyl flooring instead. After seeing all the dust and dirt under the carpet, I'm thinking I'll probably never want carpet again, no matter how much I like a soft floor.
Having a hard floor does present some have to put rubber on the bottom of furniture so it doesn't move too easily...therefore it doesn't move at all, it has to be picked up and moved. Kneeling on the floor is hard on your knees, and when you try to brush a cat on a towel, the cat ends up sliding across the room...which is rather funny, but not convenient! But it still is nicer than carpet, you can never really get carpet completely clean, whereas this stuff, if it's clean, it's clean!

We have almost all the house done, just Mom and Dad's bedroom and Colin's bedroom, the living room, and the hallway are done. Here's some pictures of my room...for the floor and the rest because I can't remember if I ever posted pictures after I redid my room!
The floor:

My bed:

The other side of the room:

My dresser, at a slant for some reason:

Coffee station!:

And a picture my friend drew for me...:

...pretty cool, isn't it?

Well, I guess that's all for this post.
I'll try to get my craft blog going soon. And I'll try to get some pictures of the laundry closet and the rest of the house when we get the floors done.