Monday, June 11, 2007

Pantry project

We decided to redo our pantry this summer. We've been working on it this past week. Here are some before and after pictures.


After, refilled:

It's sort of a mango/orange color...very cheerful! The pantry's still very full, but at least it's going to be easier to find stuff, and it really needed painting too.
I didn't really do much on this other than priming and refilling it. I really hated priming it, because it's so tiny! It's hardly big enough to stand in and paint at the same was so hot...for one thing the refrigerator blows out hot air at the bottom, so that made it even hotter. Ugh.
But it's done now, and it looks a lot better! One project off the summer to-do list!

My new little stuffy

I have a new little stuffed hedgehog!
He's a keychain actually, but he's a cute little furry stuffed animal! My friend gave him to me. His name is Norman, after Spiny Norman:

If you know who Spiny Norman is, that's awesome, if not, don't worry about it!

This is Spiny Norman:

I already had a hedgehog that I got at Christmas. This one is actually a dog toy, and it squeaks!

His name is Hadley.
Yes, I know I'm weird, but I like hedgehogs! :)