Thursday, August 31, 2006


...and also, ooh, ow... I'm sick and my head hurts...*sniff* My throat started hurting Tuesday, but it was mostly scratchy, so I thought it was just allergies. It didn't get any worse, and it was still scratchy Wednesday morning, but by lunchtime I was feeling pretty bad. I definitely have a cold! My throat's not too bad today, but my nose is dripping, and I'm coughing some. I always get a terrible cough when I get a's so annoying. Also, my tongue's burnt from hot soup and tea yesterday, so that's not real pleasant. I just got up from about a two hour nap, but at some point during that nap my cold and sinus medicine wore off, so I have a painful sinus headache...and I can't hardly move my head without it hurting... ow... I think I'll go take some more medicine... *groan*

Monday, August 28, 2006

One week!!! Hurray!

My birthday is in one week!!!
Next Monday, the 4th... I'm excited. It's almost more exciting when you're older and it just creeps up on you, and you suddenly realize that your birthday is a few weeks, or whatever, away.
Yay! Okay, I'm excited now... I wonder at what point you don't get excited anymore?
Oh well, I'll be excited for now anyway! And I haven't a clue what to do for my birthday...nothing, probably!

Edited to add:
Oh yeah, and that post sounds so mature doesn't it? Okay, I'm not 7 or something, (really!) but I'm excited. :-) *big grin*


That's my only question, why? I was working on the pillow I'm making with ribbon and I had it all arranged and I was pinning it as I went. This is what it looked like before:

And this is what it looked like after:

After what I didn't know... I walked into my bedroom after lunch and found it like that! I wasn't too happy about it for sure, it didn't ruin anything, but it shouldn't have been messed with. I didn't think Colin had been in my room, but he must have, because how else could all, ALL, the pins have gotten pulled out? I asked him firmly whether he had touched it, to which he said "no", in a tone that sounded like he didn't have any idea what had happened. Which he didn't, I knew, as I thought of the one other ridiculous option- the cat. And it wasn't so ridiculous... She was asleep on my bed, so I picked her up, stuck a few pins back in the piece, and set her on the desk, tapping the pins to get her attention. At which point she proceeded to grasp all three pins in her teeth, pull them out, then shake/spit them out of her mouth back onto the table. *groan*
It was crazy... I never would have thought of her doing something like that. I was so surprised she was that smart, that I didn't even get mad at her. I still can hardly believe it, but I saw her doing it, so she definitely can!
And here she is: looking so innocent!

She's been really bored lately, so I don't know if that's why she did it, or if she was mad at me about something, or what. After that, she was running all over the house, and jumping out at me and chasing me when I came near. She's a little brat!

I'm definitely not leaving pins out though, now that I know she will get at them. She wasn't eating them,but I don't want her to eat one accidentally...oh well... it was interesting anyway!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I got some really cool yarn last week! It's a burgundy, ribbon yarn, and I have a pattern I'm going to make with it. The pattern (I wish I could find a picture of it, but I can't) is a sort of sleeveless hoodie made with ribbon yarn and some fuzzy yarn as well. But not tacky, fuzzy yarn! Just a bit ( I think) not really hairy!
I've got too many projects going for the fair right now, but I'll probably start on this after I get the other stuff done. I'd like to be able to wear it this winter, probably over a black turtleneck or something. The yarn's sparkly... neat...shiny... Okay, get back to the cross-stitch piece that needs to be finished and framed before the fair! I tried to take a picture of it, but it's mostly pastel colors and doesn't photograph real well. This is the "Lord's Prayer" piece that I'm talking about. I'm also working on a knitting project and a crochet project, but they're going to be gifts, so I can't say anything about them on here! Suffice to say that I'm trying to get them done before the fair, and they're both about 1/4 done! And I only have a month...exactly a month, and I'm starting school on the 5th of September.
I'm also working on a pillow for the fair, I was trying to weave some ribbon together to make the front of the pillow, but I'm having trouble getting it straight, ugh! I took it apart, and I guess I'll just have to try again!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Crazy video!

This is great... I don't know how they coordinated all of it!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

It smells so good!

Our house that is. Mom is baking rolls for lunch tomorrow, and it smells so good!

It smelled like cake yesterday...I made a cake to take to prayer meeting. It was a new recipe, so I was a little nervous about taking it somewhere when I hadn't even tasted it, but it turned out very good! It was called "White Spice Pound Cake". The recipe said it was extremely moist and rich, but I don't know that I'd say it was that moist.
The recipe only called for cloves and cinnamon, so I added some nutmeg, ginger, and allspice... I think it would have been pretty bland if I hadn't. Several people said it was good, although one of my friends said it "wasn't what they expected"...whatever that meant?
I'll definitely be making it again, and I think I'll enter it in the fair.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Picture intensive

Okay, I've finally got time to post! And a lot of it's going to be pictures.

Hmm...where to start? Well, the cake-decorating class was a lot better this week than it was last. And we learned how to make roses... well, we tried anyway. The rose I did is the white one... Here's my cake from this week, and my cake from last week.Last week, my friend Zoe and I were getting fed up with the class, so the cake's sort of sarcastic, and refers to the class! :-) And here's Zoe's cake from this week, I don't have a picture of last week's:

So that was nice, and the people who taught the class, said that they would send us each a little cake decorating kit, with all the icing tips, and various accessories, so that's cool.

My room's getting done slowly... here's my bed with the pillow shams on it:
And here's my dresser with the pulls, I think it looks a lot nicer, and more finished:
I still haven't gotten around to getting the pencil marks off the side though!
I'm planning on making some smaller decorative pillows for the bed as well, but I'm not sure when exactly I'll get around to that.

I've been working on my "Lord's Prayer" cross-stitch piece, and just last night, I finished all of the words. I still have a bunch of flowers and other stuff to stitch, but getting the letters done was encouraging. I've been working on that thing for 2+ years, I really need to get it done!

I worked on it last night while we watched a movie about Martin Luther... it was a pretty good movie...well done, anyway. But I don't think they covered the history, or really emphasized what they should have, very well, but it was pretty good anyway. Except that the actor who played Martin Luther looked like he was about 19 or something! Okay, yeah, I understand it might be hard to sell a movie when the star's middle-aged and getting older, but really! Find some middle ground!

One of the actors in the movie, Jonathan Firth, is the brother of Colin Firth, who plays Mr. Darcy in A&E's version of "Pride and Prejudice", and they could have been twins... they're so much alike. It also makes you wonder if they can play anything other than guys that stomp around looking mad, because that's what JF's character did in "Luther" ! And that's how Mr. Darcy acts in the movie... it's kind of weird...they're good actors though, and in this movie the stomping and anger fitted the character!

I tried to start a knitting project the other day, but the yarn isn't working for the pattern, so I'm going to have to find another pattern, which is a bit annoying. Especially since I really liked the pattern! Ugh...

And finally, the present my friend Zoe got for me while she was at the beach the week before last:

It's so cheesy that it's cool, and I like it.... as long as it's not a statement about my driving and parking skills...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

So sorry

I don't have time for a full post right now, I have a bazillion things to do, and it's 5:00 already!
I will try to post tomorrow, or at least sometime next week, with more details.

For right now, I've finished one pillow sham today, need to finish the other. I have a ton of chores to do, and I really could take a nap, even this late in the afternoon!

I went to a cake decorating class on Thursday, I will post a picture of my cake when I get a chance (next post, I promise!)

Oh pictures, I also need to fix the problem with the pictures in the last post. If you click on them, you get a huge picture. That's from using up my space on Blogger and having to load the pictures to another website... I will fix it when I have time.

I've got sewing to do!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthdays and cakes...

...well, one cake. One, nicely decorated, birthday cake:
Monday was my little brother's 5th birthday, and I baked and decorated his cake. This was my first time using a pastry bag, and I must say it turned out better than I thought it might. The only thing I had trouble with was the writing... I can't write with icing! At least not cursive writing, which is what I was doing. It's supposed to say "Happy Birthday Colin!!!", but I was having trouble making o's, so it kind of looks like "Calin"...oh well, it's not like we didn't know what it was supposed to say, and he can't read anyway!

Dad's off work this week, so we're sort of on vacation. We're not going anywhere, but we are relaxing! It's too hot to go anywhere anyway. I think we're going to go play miniature golf some night this week, and hopefully it will be cooler at night! It's been in the 90's and humid, ugh... it hasn't really been bothering me a whole lot, I was freezing all through our mild winter, so it feels kind of good... but there are days that it's just too hot! Today would be one of those. I went outside to water the garden and just about melted. I think some of it depends on whether I want to be hot or not...and this time I didn't. I wasn't planning on changing my clothes, and I didn't want to get them wet, so I wasn't too happy to be hot!

Let's see, I've finished school until September. So I get about a month off, and I need to be working on stuff for the fair. The fair's in October, so I have about two months. I'll be starting school after my birthday, which is September 4th.

This is what happens when you have an aluminum pie pan left over from a science experiment, a cat nearby, and too much time on your hands:

I had a pie pan that had a quarter of it cut away, and I was just messing with it, and twisted it into a sort of pointy hat...and then the cat was right there... Of course, she wasn't very happy or cooperative:

I haven't got a whole lot more done on my room, but I got some drawer pulls installed on the dresser. It looks really nice, and I'll post pictures when I've taken some.

Blogger's picture thing doesn't seem to be working right, I can't get any pics to load. I'll try later, and until then it's going to have to be pictureless, bother!