Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not so happy birthday Gracie

Today is Gracie's birthday...approximately of course, but she's two. Unfortunately she's not had a very happy birthday so far.

Even a normally calm cat will be jumpy occasionally. Gracie is not calm (I don't think she can be calm, being a Tortie) and therefore when startled nearly hits the ceiling.

I was doing my schoolwork in my bedroom and Gracie was quite peacefully snoozing on my bed. All of the sudden she was awake and obviously alarmed by some sound. Not having the hearing capabilities of a cat, it is a little while before I realize what's alarming her so. What impressed its sound on my ears was a street-cleaning, vacuum truck...what Gracie heard, I don't know. Perhaps a tornado, or a giant cat-sucking machine. At any rate she leaped off the bed, fur prickling, whiskers quivering, and made for the bedroom door...which was closed.
Seeing there was no route of escape that way, she spun around and leaped back on the bed, craning her neck to stare with horror out the window.

In the meantime, the truck had been slowly making its way down the street to our house. At about the time it was passing our house, Gracie bravely bounded over to the window to see the horrid monster that was going to eat her. When she saw the truck she seemed to be less alarmed though still tense. As it went down the street, then started back up the other side her fear returned. She dove from her place at the window, cast one longing glance at the still-closed bedroom door, and vanished into my closet that I'd left partially open. She reappeared almost instantly though, as if she'd realized she'd only be trapped in there.

Her next move was to hide beneath the shelf that was under my window. Seeing me watching her though, she quickly scooted back out, embarrassed. Finally, with one last despairing look at the window, she huddled on the floor to await her doom.

But by then the truck was heading out of sight and hearing, not having stopped to eat her.

She's lying on my bed now, acting as if nothing ever happened... I guess she didn't catch me taking pictures...evidence.

If you think I'm making this up...I have two things to say: no, I'm not, and you must not have cats. :) And yes, my bedroom floor's make that three things to say!

Now that I'm looking at that picture of Gracie on the bed....I think I need to feed her little less...

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Erin said...

What a cute cat. :)