Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some things that make me happy lately...

...or life is good. In no particular order:
  • Dropping gas prices. At the moment anything $2.55 or cheaper is awesome and Costco has it for $2.52.
  • Getting 19-20 mpg out of a tank of doesn't always happen, unfortunately.
  • Text messages and emails. :)
  • A clean desk. Oh look, I forgot what color it was...
  • Cool breezes promising cooler weather is on the way soon. Yay, fall!
  • Driving with the windows down more often because of said cooler breezes.
  • The fact that my birthday's next weekend. 21! Really? I mean, really? Wow.
  • Getting some knitting done and remembering how much I like finishing projects. Need to be finishing about...three projects all at once too.
  • Dark chocolate. Wait, that always makes me happy...
  • Finding new recipes to make, some better than others. The recipe from an old cookbook for chocolate cupcakes was...bleah. Baked chocolate substance, yes; cupcake, no.
  • My Avett Brothers station on I only have one of their CDs and I'm finding more of their awesome music this way, besides music from similar artists. Oh, my Irish music station too, of course.
  • Pronouncements and hugs from the opinionated little two year old I take care of. :)

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