Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I don't do poetry, but I did write this

I wrote this some afternoon after relaxing outside in the sun. I'm guessing I was probably half asleep and dreamy when I wrote it because typing it up and editing it just now put me to sleep. "3/9/10" is written at the top of the page, so presumably that's when I wrote it, and since it's written on the back of my January calendar page that sounds about right. It must have been an unusually warm day early this year.


Rest and relaxation.

A pause from the cares of life.
A time perhaps to dream.
A time to think of things beyond oneself,
Or consider those that are merely new.

Perhaps a time of actual sleep.
Closing the eyes, resting the mind
Waking to life renewed.

Perhaps a time to gaze into the heavens.
To see the hawk-- gliding, swooping
Bringing remembrance of a kite flown in childhood.

A time to see and feel the sun,
To be thankful for its warmth.
To see a promise of spring all around.

Or even relaxation in the company of a friend.
To talk, or not, as each feels led.
A time to enjoy shared laughter,
Or if alone, even a smile from a stranger.

Perhaps it's a second,
Perhaps a whole day, or longer,
But when it's finished it leaves one refreshed
With strength to handle the certain cares to come.

As I said, I don't really do poetry. There are a few poems I really like, such as "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, or "The Road Goes Ever On" the song/poem from The Hobbit and LOTR...those are the first two that occur to me at the moment. (I seem to like roads.) But apart from that I'm not an avid poetry fan or anything, and I hardly ever write any myself. So, I have no idea if this is even any valid form of poetry...I guess it can be free verse if nothing else, right? It was just something that came to mind, so I scribbled it down.

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