Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, I registered for classes the other day...Monday, rather. Registration started at eight Monday morning, and I underestimated how many people would actually get up early and how fast classes would fill up. Next semester I'll be able to register online, but the first semester you attend you have to go in person to sign up. As a result I wasn't able to get the schedule I wanted (only going to campus Monday and Wednesday), but this way I will have more leisurely days and time to interact with people as opposed to rushing between classes two days a week. I have classes Monday through Thursday, which isn't so bad.

I ended up having to sign up for an evening class because that's the only time I could take the Intro To Computers class. Well, I had an option to take it at one of the other locations...with the race car technology students. The lady helping me register pointed out that at least there'd be lots of guys there. Haha, yeah!'m not going there to look for guys... That class didn't work well with my schedule anyway, so I signed up for the evening one and I'm going to at least try to test out of the class. Otherwise Thursdays will be rather annoying since my afternoon classes end and then there's 3.5 hours until the evening class.

The next step is to get my books, as soon at the updated list of curriculum is up on the website. I'm hoping to rent as many as I can from a place online and only buy what I have to. Textbooks are ridiculously expensive! But if I rent I should be able to get the total price down from $800ish to $200 or so. I'm all for that!

Hmm...also, I'm thinking stylish shoes are out of the question for school. :) When I was there Monday and today, both times I needed to be wearing my running shoes, especially on Monday since I'd been wearing heels over the weekend. Hmph, I'm too old for all this walking over campus. Good thing I'm not on a normal college campus where the buildings really aren't as close together! :D

Yeah, heels...I played frisbee on Saturday (in good shoes, but there was lots of running) and then wore heels Saturday night when I went swing dancing, and wore them again for church on Sunday. My knee disliked that blatant disregard of practicality. Oh well. It can just suck it up and stop hurting. Hopefully.

Oh yes, swing dancing is something I've taken up over the past few months! I'd all but given up on it, figuring I'd never have the coordination to figure it out, but my friends convinced me to come to the dance with them a few months ago, and it finally clicked! And now I'm hooked.

Last weekend I was dancing with an older guy and he was telling me I should go ask one of the younger guys to dance...indicating several that were standing at the edge of the room. Two of them linked arms and starting "dancing", at which point my partner remarked "Well, they're having a bit of a gay moment...but they'll get over it." I pretty much lost it at that point...he was lucky I was able to keep dancing despite how much I was laughing. :D

Furthermore, when I did ask one of the guys to dance, he warned me that he'd been drinking (to apologize for...what, I don't know...he seemed to be able to dance still and didn't do anything inappropriate). I later looked him up on Facebook and realized he was a homeschooled kid (now a college freshman.) Uh-huh. That's cute. Yes, you're so cool. Perhaps the drinking remark was supposed to impress me? Oh, silly boys. :)

Basically, swing dancing is fun, and it amuses me. It's a great opportunity for people watching, combined with some additional interaction with them.


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Let me encourage you to test out of intro to computers! I only studied 1-2 weeks (cramming), and I passed! To study, I used Instantcert primarily (WONDERFUL resource for testers!). Computers really aren't my thing - I'm much more a lit/Eng/hist kinda person, but I still managed to pass that test. The tests aren't too expensive, so you should at least try, IMHO. Who knows, you may come out of it like I did, and be totally hooked on testing! ;)

Okay, I've finished my obligatory testing plug. :) I'm jealous, btw. I want friends who take me dancing, and especially if they'll teach me swing dancing! :D

Natalie Roth said...

Oh, I shall have to check that out! There's not much I have to do to pass the test...some stuff with Powerpoint, Word, and Excel...but I don't understand Excel very well at all. :D

Surely there's swing dancing somewhere in TN! :)

Nancy said...

I think you will enjoy the computer class & you wouldn't want to miss giving a Powerpoint presentation in front of your teacher and class. I did mine in 2004 on David's trip to Tanzania and was very proud of it.

Natalie Roth said...

I don't think this class will involve things like giving Powerpoint presentations...from what I've heard of it you just basically learn how to use a computer. I'm pretty sure I'll have other classes where I have to give presentations though!