Monday, August 28, 2006


That's my only question, why? I was working on the pillow I'm making with ribbon and I had it all arranged and I was pinning it as I went. This is what it looked like before:

And this is what it looked like after:

After what I didn't know... I walked into my bedroom after lunch and found it like that! I wasn't too happy about it for sure, it didn't ruin anything, but it shouldn't have been messed with. I didn't think Colin had been in my room, but he must have, because how else could all, ALL, the pins have gotten pulled out? I asked him firmly whether he had touched it, to which he said "no", in a tone that sounded like he didn't have any idea what had happened. Which he didn't, I knew, as I thought of the one other ridiculous option- the cat. And it wasn't so ridiculous... She was asleep on my bed, so I picked her up, stuck a few pins back in the piece, and set her on the desk, tapping the pins to get her attention. At which point she proceeded to grasp all three pins in her teeth, pull them out, then shake/spit them out of her mouth back onto the table. *groan*
It was crazy... I never would have thought of her doing something like that. I was so surprised she was that smart, that I didn't even get mad at her. I still can hardly believe it, but I saw her doing it, so she definitely can!
And here she is: looking so innocent!

She's been really bored lately, so I don't know if that's why she did it, or if she was mad at me about something, or what. After that, she was running all over the house, and jumping out at me and chasing me when I came near. She's a little brat!

I'm definitely not leaving pins out though, now that I know she will get at them. She wasn't eating them,but I don't want her to eat one accidentally...oh well... it was interesting anyway!


zoe said...

im glad u added sum more stuff on ur blog...i like it!! i love ur pillow on here...i wish u could use my idea 4 1 though!!!! boo!!! but that looks really cool and shiny...bad gracy!!

natalie said...

LOL! I have a sometimes bratty cat too... just a week ago she jumped off the bed onto the table and knocked my favorite mug off, breaking it. :-/ And she also likes to lie in wait and leap on my ankles as I walk by. :-)
That pillow design looks really lovely! Hope it turns out well. :-)

Jake & Mel said...

uh, that's nothing- atleast your cat doesn't get a tupperware container open and strew ham all over your kitchen. hence one reason Luther is a goner.

mandolinartist said...

WOW... GREAT PILLOW! I am very impressed!

Natalie said...

Thank you!

Mel, that's what comes from giving your cats names like that...he was just trying to live up to it...that wasn't ham, those were indulgences/relics/etc. that he was disposing of! :-)
But, goodness, I bet that was a on earth did he get a tupperware container open?!! They don't have opposable thumbs!

Natalie said...

"They don't have opposable thumbs!"

Cats I meant...not the the tupperware!