Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Like I really have time...

Okay, I should be doing about six other things than blogging, but I haven't blogged since Friday, so I really need to. Besides I have to do something while I'm waiting for a batch of lemon bars to get done baking...and I couldn't concentrate on school with sugary smell in the would do something to my brain. I'm serious, it would!
Okay, I'm not serious, but I don't feel like tackling Algebra right now. And it had been going so well! I got a new book and it was actually making sense, and I've been trying to figure out whether it was explained better (though surely this was how they explained it in all the other books...) or if my brain was coming back online after going all fuzzy and undependable from becoming a teenager? And it's about time too, I was getting tired of it after 3-4 years! On the plus side, in that time I actually started to sort of like English/Writing instead of
totally hating it... I know I was talking to my cousin Lauren and she said she had felt the same way...I wonder if it's just girls, or if guys have that problem too? Real nice that your brain decides it's too busy just when you need it most...anyway, things are making sense finally, or at least I thought they were until I was working on my lesson today: graphing equations. Luckily, this place has some sort of site where you can do problems online and get explanations and stuff, so I'm hoping that will work.

On another note, the chocolate cake contest at the fair on Saturday was a bit of a disappointment. Neither Mom nor I won anything, and the things that did win looked more fancy than good, although I'm sure they did taste good. They had one of the chefs from a local restaurant and I think he always looks for things that look good, like restaurant food does. Special, I mean, not just a plain chocolate cake. What won was some sort of mocha layer cake, I can't remember what 2nd was, and third was a raspberry white chocolate cake I think. Here's the cakes Mom and I entered:
~Mom's cake

~and mine

Mom's was a mocha hazelnut torte, and mine was just chocolate with
chocolate sour cream frosting. Oh well, most of the things there looked really good, but they obviously wanted something that was really special and unique!

One note: don't ever leave your belt on the floor with the (little, um, I don't know the technical term, but the post that goes into the holes on your belt) sticking up, because you just might step on it when you're trying to get up in the morning, and then you might be limping the rest of the day because it feels like you just punctured your foot, and the only way you can walk on it is to stuff a bunch of cotton balls in your shoe, and you still limp, and there's an indentation in the bottom of your foot, and it will probably be bruised tomorrow. NOT that I would have done that... And did I mention, it hurts?

I was trying to get a picture of the cat earlier, I was using her in my science experiment, which
called for rubbing a balloon on your hair, and I didn't feel like messing up my hair, so I used the cat. Anyway, if you rub the balloon on her back, then hold it above her nose, her whiskers go straight up and I was cracking up...she got fed up and got away before I could get a good picture though. She should know by now not to be around when I'm doing science, and when I start the Biology book that I got the other day, she really better stay out of my way, or I'll get her to help. I was looking at the book, and it seems to be more the sort of stuff I've covered briefly before. I never did a whole lot of science before high school, but this is the sort of stuff I did...photosynthesis, carnivores, that sort of stuff.

Okay, I really should get to work, the lemon bars are out of the oven, I have no excuses, s o I'll leave you with a picture of my other cat, Petunia. She doesn't photograph very well, that's w
hy I've never posted a picture of her, but I got a pretty cute picture of her sleeping on Dad's backpack this afternoon... she looked so devoted.

"Daddy's not home, but I'll wait here on his backpack till he gets home from work."~~


Jake & Mel said...

Okay, you really make me miss my cats---- I'm shedding a tear. No, I'm just shedding. Okay, I wish my cats were shedding.... at my house.... not really, but if they had to shed, I wish it was here rather than where they are. Okay- and for the belt thing- I can beat that. This morning Calvin woke up a little too early- so, I changed his diaper real quick beside my bed and put him in the living room to watch cartoons for a few minutes- while I slept some more. (I'm a horrible mom- gasp!) I wake up a few minutes later and step out of bed onto his wet, soggy (not poopy) diaper. My foot smelled like pee until I could hop into the bathroom to clean it off. Okay, maybe that doesn't beat your story of pain for the DAY, but mine is grosser! :)

Natalie said...

Ewww! At least that diaper wasn't poopy!

Hmm...just think of all the hair shed everywhere! and have you ever stepped in cat throw-up? I have... ugh!

My foot has a blood-blister on the bottom of it now, where the belt got me!

mandolinartist said...


What's this about hating English and Writing? WRITING IS SO MUCH FUN! However, I do admit that learning English is not the easiest thing in the world. Almost all the rules have exceptions, but once you learn all the rules and all the exceptions, you have it made, right?

Try teaching English, speaking English and Spanish, and bringing in some French just because you had one year of it in high school and some words are similar to Spanish!