Friday, September 29, 2006

No way!

I so did not expect all! First AND judge's choice! I think that was my best and biggest surprise of my prizes.

I got three judge's choice ribbons in all, that, my Lord's Prayer cross-stitch (which I didn't expect, I wouldn't have picked it!), and my lemon bars in the adult section.

The rest of the results:

Spice pound cake-youth
Ribbon yarn scarf-y
Woven ribbon pillow-y
B&W photo-y
Lemon bars-adult

Chocolate cookies-y
White bread-y
Strawberry jam-y (I also won the prize from Ball canning company, because it looked nice, and I used their jars)
Crocheted dishcloth-y
Beaver cross-stitch-a
Crocheted shrug-a

Knitted sweater-y
Pillow sham-y
Knitted article-a
White bread-a

So I'm pretty happy!

Mom did well on her things too, especially cross-stitch and layer cakes. She also got a first on a depression glass pitcher that she entered, my depression glass bowl didn't get anything!

Dad got first on his b&w photo, and third on his color photo...which was really cool, and he should have gotten higher...

Poor little Colin didn't get anything on either his drawing or lego construction. His lego really should have gotten something, the thing that won third wasn't anywhere near as good as his! But luckily he's not old enough yet to really care about whether he won anything or not, so he was just happy to see his things displayed at the fair!

Next year though, I need to work on more craft things throughout the year, you get more on those because they take more time, and very few people take the time to do anything like that anymore. Next year's my last year to compete in the youth section, where I'm competing with the half-dozen other teenagers in W-S that still do "un-cool" things like baking and crafts! :-) (Including one guy who keeps beating me in the baking...I mean, what does he think he's doing?) In the adult category I'll be competing with the older ladies who have tons of time on their hands! And I'm actually not feeling too faired-out this year, so it shouldn't be too hard to get back to working on stuff. Usually I'm sick of crafts and baking for six months or so, and busy the other five, and don't get anything much done early. I do need to work on school, I would like to finish sometime!

There's a special chocolate cake contest tomorrow that Mom and I are entering, so we'll be working on that tomorrow. The special contests are sponsored by various companies, and this one's sponsored by local attorneys, and the prizes are $300, $125, $ I'm not sure how many people might be entering! And we're might have trouble finding a place to park, Wake Forest University's homecoming game is tomorrow and the stadium's right across from the that might be a bit of a headache. And speaking of headaches, I'll have one tomorrow if I don't get to bed...and I've already got a nice sunburn on my face from being outside today...


Jake & Mel said...

Congrats, Natalie! You are so industrious and I'm afraid to say you may have better Proverbs 31 qualities than I do. I sure can't sew worth anything. You are the coolest and I love that picture. Praise God for His faithfulness in keeping your desires and talents for the things that truly count. (the uncool things). At least you're not practicing how fast you can punch the buttons on you new Playstation. Hehe. Love ya, mean it!
ps. read Jane Eyre yet? I know you have nothing better to do right now. Can't your mom make that book a school requirement from the Melody Handbook of life?

mandolinartist said...

I really like that photograph. It is an interesting subject and angle to explore. I am sure you are excited about all the ribbons you won. CONGRATULATIONS

Mom said... "old ladies with time on their hands" did you perhaps mean "old ladies" like...YOUR MOTHER??? Or her "old lady" friends??!

We're waiting for you...bring it on!


Seriously, I am very proud of you!

brlittle said...

Yeah! We're waiting for you... bring it on!

HEY! Who you callin' an old lady?!?!



natalie said...

Congratulations! Lovely photo. :-)

Natalie said...

Thank you, everyone!

Congratulations on the things you won, Amanda!

I meant, the little old ladies who have been entering things in the fair for little Miss Katie who got third in the apple pie contest last year! As for all the guys entering baked goods in the fair...congratulations! :-)

Mel, I read Jane Eyre again finally! It was kind of sad, but sweet too! games, I think I've played maybe three different video games in my life! lol And only one very well!

~Natalie Elizabeth

mandolinartist said...

So am I an old lady even though I am not old?!

I even won 1st place for a weaving. Is that an old lady thing to do?

I have an excuse; I call my weaving art and that makes it "cool!"

mandolinartist said...

By the way, does this make "Bernie" an old lady because he entered stuff in the fair, even though he is not a lady... and maybe not old either! :)