Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finally, my post about our Christmas

And it took me long enough!
It was a fun Christmas, even though it was cold and rainy outside. We went next-door to my grandparent's house for breakfast and then everyone came back over here to open presents and eat Christmas lunch.

Colin got (among other things) a racetrack from my other grandma (my dad's mom). He told us, about a week before Christmas, that he knew what he wanted for Christmas... a Nascar racetrack!
Well, we explained to him that we had all done our shopping already, and grandma and grandpa had too, so we were sorry, but it was too late to be asking for more, and told him he'd be very happy with what he got, etc. So, he's opening his present from other grandma (we don't know what she's sent) and he says "Oh, it's my Nascar racetrack."...very matter-of-factly... and it was!! So that was pretty crazy! Gracie likes the racetrack too:
She loves to catch the cars as they go zooming around.

Colin also got a wood train train and track from my parents. He likes that too, and so does my dad! Here's Colin playing with it:

Two gifts that I particularly liked were two things I got from my parents, a bright green cast-iron pot, and candle sconces for my bedroom:

And Gracie got her big-girl collar, for her bigger, but still skinny little neck:

I bet these pictures are laid out really badly, but I can't ever get them to look the same as when I'm formatting the post...ugh!

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mandolinartist said...

Not bad on your layout, and you are talking to the artist here who is quite symmetrical in decorating, setting a table, etc... NICE CANDLE SCONES also! I will have to play train with Colin sometime too! You all definitely have fun around home! Only 10 months until Christmas! :) :) :p :> :)