Thursday, January 04, 2007

Goals for 2007

I don't say resolutions, because I have a tendency to think of that word in quotes, and these really are more goals, not things set in stone that I intend to do this year... I of course have no control over what really happens this year, nor will I pretend to. Plus I find the word "resolution" silly... (not meaning any offence to anyone who uses it, just my personal opinion).
So, anyway...

1. To exercise every day (not to lose weight! Before anyone who knows me starts getting all worried about me that I'm anorexic or something, I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm just trying to get so that I'm not injuring myself so easily! And I feel better in general if I exercise).
That's exercising every day, excluding weekends, and when I don't feel well enough to. And I know that's a totally overdone goal, every one's exercising in January, but I need to anyway and why not start now.

2. To practice guitar at least two times a week.
This one's going to be hard for me, but hopefully I'll be able to stick with it.... even if my fingers are killing me.

3. Memorize scripture. Proverbs 3, for starters, and I don't know what after that.

4. To learn how to make soap.
I've been wanting to do this for a while...I just need to get all the supplies. And find someplace to do it without damaging anything. I'm planning on making "real" soap, which has lye in it, so I need to have space to do it without spilling lye, coloring, etc. on carpet, or anything it would hurt! It may take me awhile before I get started on that, mainly because of the expense and time involved. I need to buy a kitchen/soap making scale, an immersion blender, find someplace to buy lye, and get some scents and colors for the soap. I think they have lye at Lowes Hardware, so that won't be too bad...if you buy it online you have to sign a waiver, saying 1. you know it's dangerous, and 2. you won't make anything illegal out of it... and you have to be eighteen, so I'd have to get my parents to buy it until I turn eighteen. So I'm hoping that you can just buy it at Lowes without any signing and fussing about it. It's as bad as trying to find sinus medicine...sheesh! Okay, sorry about the rant, on with the goals...

5. Learn tatting... which is lace, and I'm not real big on lace, but I have seen a few really neat patterns, and as long as it's not too expensive, I might as well try.

6. Cross-stitch, knit, etc...craft more. Last year I tried to get a whole bunch of stuff done in the month or so right before the fair, this year I need to get more stuff done through the year. And besides, for all I know about knitting, I really haven't done that much... ;)

7. Sew more/actually do the projects I've been planning on doing for a long time. Like making a simple pillow...a pillow, for goodness sake!... out of supplies that I already have!!!

8. Work on my cooking, or rather my meal-planning. I can cook pretty well when I know what I'm cooking, but thinking of things to cook is not something I'm good at. And my cooking could use some fine-tuning too, things like having the food ready on time every time, not missing anything, and cleaning up the kitchen as I'm cooking ... my parents will be very happy if I accomplish the latter. :)

9. Taking time to clean my room, so that I don't end up (like I did so many times last year) with my room completely covered with whatever I'd been working on at that time....another thing that's going to be hard for me.

10. Find time to do all this stuff! :) Ha...this may be the hardest!

The guitar, and exercising will have to wait until my wrist feels better. I did something to my left wrist, sprained it or something, and it's kind of sore still. So I get a break on those...hee-hee...I can walk though, even if I can't lift weights.

And I'm sure there are other goals, but I can't think of them at the moment, so this will have to do. I may end up posting "Goals: part 2" ...oh yeah:

11. Blog at least twice a week, preferably everyday!

And finally, a picture of the apple pie I made this morning for my grandma's birthday:
It looks a bit better than that in's really hard to photograph food. Pies in particular seem to end up looking really brown and greasy even if they're not!

I've got several other post ideas in my head, but I have other stuff to do right now, so they're not going to get written right now!
I finished my math book today, so I think I may post about school...and Christmas... later, that is!


andrea said...

Have you given up on number 11??

Natalie said...

Ouch Andrea! :) Yeah, I guess in the interest of getting the other ten accomplished I have! And I'm getting other stuff done...schoolwork for one, even though I don't think I put that on there. I do have several things I need to post about though...

Hey, thanks for the comment by the way! Tell Rebecca I'll email her soon...I'm way behind on email too. :(

rebecca said...

Does this mean you've been working on #2?? :)

One of my goals for this year is to write songs...I've tried before but I can never put the right chords to the words (how are you supposed to do that?!?)

Natalie said...

Umm..yeah, sure... I did practice the other day!
I've tried writing songs before, but I can't ever come up with anything good. And if I do I can't think of a tune! ;)

hannah b. said...

I can't think of tunes either, Natalie! But Micaia's amazing - he wrote 4 songs on Sunday! =)