Thursday, February 15, 2007


Valentine's Day cupcakes to be exact:

They aren't as neatly decorated as I would have liked, but I was in a hurry... I don't really have time for decorating cupcakes during the week on a regular basis!

I also can't seem to get the hang of photographing food, it always looks...flat, sort of. And if I try to shoot things at an angle, you can't see all of it and it looks just as scary, even if it is more artistic! :) Then there's the whole decision about whether to use flash or not...also affecting the scariness of the food item being shot. I think food is generally hard to photograph though.


rebecca said...

I was thinking of stealing your recipe scrapbook idea (in a little while, I don't have very many recipes yet) and I was thinking of putting photos in it. I made this pumpkin bread...I must have taken 15+ photos of it before I got one that looked fairly normal. Who knew pumpkin bread could look scary??

Natalie said...

That's cool, you're welcome to steal wasn't really original with me I don't think! I thought about putting photos in mine too, but then the thought of taking all those pictures made me think again! I may for some of the recipes, I'm not sure yet.

Ha-ha! Scary pumpkin bread!

andrea said...

Aw, cute cupcakes!!