Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh dear...

Oh dear, because I can't ever seem to find time to blog! I got my bathroom all done and painted ages ago, but I haven't posted, or even taken pictures of it!

Part of the problem is that I was hit by allergies all of the sudden last week. Serves me right... when the rest of my family had allergies in April, I went blithely around saying that I was fine because I don't get allergies until May. May 1st. I go to bed with a sore throat...very funny.
I'm feeling better now. I've been taking allergy medicine every day, so the symptoms are reduced to a runny nose and slight coughing...a major improvement over coughing my head off and feeling horribly weak. I'm hoping I'll be over all this before I go to camp next week, but if I'm not, I can manage if I take the medicine with me.

I do have a picture of the ceiling after I finished painting it:

The other thing I've been frantically working on is a baby blanket for my new cousin. My aunt and uncle have a new little baby! Little Evan was born 4 weeks early, luckily quite big enough at 6 lb. 3 oz., so he's home now, not having to stay in the NICU. Which we know from experience is a great blessing! Both I and my little brother were born 7 weeks early, at 4 lb. 4 oz. and 3 lb. 14 oz. respectively. I can't remember quite how long either of us had to be in the hospital, but it was around a month for one of us, I think.
Anyway, since May 2nd I've been working on getting his blanket done...my grandparents went down to Texas to visit them, taking the gifts with them, so I think it's probably safe to post a picture of the blanket now!

That elephant I got at Target is the most adorable thing ever...he's so cute, and green, and soft! I saw him sometime last year. I was looking at all the really cute baby stuff and wishing I had someone to buy it for!

And here's the elephant, ready to leave:

This week I'm trying to get a bunch of schoolwork done before camp, and I'm also working on my red afghan I was crocheting...I don't have any pictures of it though!

Five days till camp! I'm excited; this will be my last year, so I'm going to really enjoy it!
If anyone wants to write me a letter here's the address and letters should probably be mailed between Saturday and Wednesday.

Mountain Top Youth Camp
1460 Mackay Lane
Pinnacle, NC 27043

I'll try to post some pictures of the finished bathroom this week if I have time!

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rebecca said...

awww...the elephant is so cute!

have fun at camp!!