Sunday, May 13, 2007


Ah...this is going to be a quick post... I really have other things I should probably be doing!

I got my red afghan finished, so I can take it to camp with me. It's very soft and's not as big as I planned in the beginning, because I didn't realize how much yarn and time it was going to take. What I had planned on being the width is the length instead. I already had to buy two balls of yarn to add to what I already had, but it's throw-sized, and plenty big enough to cover me.
The two extra balls are a slightly different I added one to each side, so there would be two stripes.

Also I had time this afternoon to take a picture of my finished bathroom... I think I finally managed to get the wall color to look right in the photo:

So, I think that's all for now...I'll be busy tomorrow morning with packing and last-minute things to do (chores). I'll post a really short post tomorrow morning though... In reality, I'll write it tonight and post it tomorrow! And the time stamp will probably be wrong then, but oh well.

And looking at the picture of the bathroom...I don't think I ever did post finished pictures of my bedroom, from when I redid it...uh, last year, I guess. Well, I'll get to that sometime!

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rebecca said...

The bathroom looks good...I love the color!