Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The fairy shoe person

Hey, that'd be awesome...to be able to just magically get shoes. :D

It's funny anyway....Neil Patrick Harris plays the shoe fairy on Sesame Street...he's wonderfully snarky...oh, except he is apparently rather fairyfied in real life...heh. :/

Part 1

Part 2


rebecca said...

That's so random...last night I had all those Dr. Horrible songs stuck in my head and we were watching them on YouTube and saw these too! And now the shoe song is stuck in my head :)

Natalie said...

Oh wow....what a crazy random happenstance! :D You can see the whole Dr. Horrible thing on Hulu.com too.

"I just did...a whole song and dance...and you want me to SURPRISE YOU?!!!!!"

Lauren said...

what does snarky mean??

Natalie said...


Hmm...how I am a lot of the time perhaps?? lol