Friday, January 23, 2009

More book talk

Last week...I think...(maybe the week before, but it doesn't really matter) I went to Goodwill and found three books.

Murder Must Advertise ~Dorothy Sayers
Let Me Be A Woman ~Elizabeth Elliot
The Hobbit ~Tolkien

I already have a really cool copy of The Hobbit....this one I believe (lovely green cover and case!), but this one I found was pretty nice too and a very good price so I picked it up. Colin can have it maybe, or if I want to read it but don't want to carry around the super-nice copy I can read this one.

Then on Wednesday this week I went to the used book store, Edward McKay Books and More...I hadn't been there before and it was really cool! Anyway, I found three nice hardcover classics, and two CDs that I'd been wanting for a while:

The House of the Seven Gables ~Nathaniel Hawthorne, A Tale of Two Cities ~Dickens, Jane Eyre ~Bronte, and Paul Simon and CCR CDs.

And finally, I used the points from using this search engine and got two $10 Barnes and Noble gift certificates and with that got myself two books and a calendar. (I always end up getting a calendar so late that I hardly see the January page...)

A nice hardcover copy of Persuasion ~Jane Austen, Commentary on Romans ~Martin Luther (that should be good!), and a Winnie-the-Pooh mini calendar, because I'm all grown-up and sophisticated like that... ;)

I also on two different Goodwill trips found myself two black a nice tailored knee-length wool skirt (something I've been wanting for a while), and the other one a long, swishy, black skirt that's five sizes too big for me, but that I'm going to do a little alteration on to make it work. It already had an elastic waist, so it shouldn't be too hard to get it to fit...although I do need to make it shorter too. But yay for cheap skirts from Goodwill, even if they do require sewing! :D

And certainly yay for inexpensive hardcover books!!! :) *grins happily*

And I'm going to a sleepover tonight, so that should be a nice end to the week...and make up for a stressful day at work yesterday.


Jessica said...

I share your enthusiasm for cheap skirts and inexpensive hardcover books! I am very happy to you and wish you well as you use them. :)

photogirl said...

I love getting cheap clothes and "fixing them up," too! That is really fun.

Lauren said...

Awesome! Im gonna hit goodwill in search of contra dance attire!
You really have accomplished a ton in the reading realm, thats amazing! And very inspiring!!!!

Lauren said...

Hey nat! Your letter is D. Have fun!!!!!!!

Caroline said...

WOW!! you sure have read a ton of books!
I LOVE JANE EYRE!! i have seen the movie and read more than half of the book... Then school happened and i was busy reading to many other books. maybe in the summer I coudl finish it.

Sarah said...

I just read Jane Eyre! It had been a long time since I've read something more...challenging. Generally I like to be able to knock out a book in a few days, because I don't have a ton of reading time.

Thanks for commenting/entering on my blog! I was so excited to see you're in W-S! My aunt & uncle live there too, and I've had some really great trips to that area. So much better than the -40 here in MN.

Natalie said...

I got the skirt fixed, so now I can wear it!

Lauren, I'm going to get to the tag soon...I'm having trouble coming up with ten things that start with D. :/

Yes, Jane Eyre is great! :)

Oh wow, yes, the temperatures here are cold, but a lot better than -40, Sarah! :(