Saturday, July 18, 2009

Work: why it's worth it

Originally I was planning on titling this something like "Things that made me say 'Aww...' this weekend", but since that was a couple weekends ago now, it would have to be "Things that made me say 'Aww...' the weekend before last"...which only leaves you stuck on the "weekend before last" part and wondering why it needed to be so specific. But moving on...

First thing that made me say aww and start sniffling was when my friend was telling Mom and I about her class she'd been teaching. Jess is (or rather, was...since she's headed to med school this fall) an ESL teacher, and along with her normal classes teaching Spanish-speaking people, she had been given a few weeks long class of Burmese students to teach. Her class consisted of middle-aged women who had been in some sort of "camp" and were now over here because of religious persecution. Jess had no idea what religion that was (apparently the main religion over there is Buddhism, so it could have been anything not agreeing with that), but that's why they were over here, and she had to teach them enough everyday English so they could function, when they had no written language even. To make a long story short, her classes went very well, but what she was telling us about was how she was trying to explain to them about the 4th of July. She wanted to make sure they understood that nothing was being bombed, but rather that Saturday was a celebration. So she was working on that...the days of the week and explaining July 4th when one of her students said, "And...Sunday...go to church?" So she said yes, Sunday is when you go to church. The student asked her, "Teacher go to church?" To which she replied, "Yes! I go to church, I love Jesus!" And she said she saw the woman's eyes light up and she started talking to all the other ladies excitedly in their language and then she turned back to Jess and indicating all the other students, explained that they too loved Jesus. Such a great story!

The second thing that day that made me (and several other people) say "aww" was when a friend was asking my mom how she and Dad met. So Mom was telling them about it...and most of it I knew already, that Dad was friends with my uncle Jim and so she'd known him for a long time, but then after my uncle got married, Dad still kept hanging around. But then she was saying that they went on some sort of church trip and she was feeling bad on the way back so she just lay down on the bus seat to sleep, and Dad was in the seat in front of her and turned around and covered her up with his coat. *cue the "aww-ing"* Apparently he told her later that he felt like he needed to take care of her. How sweet! That's one thing I want in a husband, someone caring and compassionate. Not a wimp...a man can be caring and compassionate and still manly. :D

And finally....and what my title refers to, I was thinking how tough work can be sometimes. Both my regular nannying job, and babysitting as well. Kids don't always behave. Big surprise there, huh? I knew that of course, and I think it's probably good for me to have to deal with fussy kids. But despite the tough days, it's fun (especially with my regular job) to see kids growing up. It's just such a thrill when the baby recognizes me and wants me to pick her up, and tries to talk, or asks for things, or gives kisses and hugs back. I find that especially adorable. :)

So despite it all, this is what makes it worth it:

Note: We got stuck in the rain...and that's why we look a little damp and stringy-haired. :)


rebecca said...

So despite it all, this is what makes it worth it

First of all, awwwww!

Secondly, go read the post I wrote .5 seconds before reading yours. Maybe I can put up with frustrating adults for another month. I think the kids are worth it.

Abby♥ said...

aww! Is the second picture of Calvin and Amelia? I haven't seen them in a long time.

Natalie said...

Yes, it is. :)

Oh wow, I need to blog again. I didn't realize how long ago this was!