Saturday, August 01, 2009

Colin's birthday

Colin's birthday was yesterday...he's eight now!

Cake, which we actually got from Costco rather than baking at home. *gasp*

Colin with Grandma and Grandpa:

Colin got a bike...which he asked for, but didn't think he'd actually get. Thus the shocked look:

Shirt I got for has a chameleon on it:

Crazy gyroscopic lights up and looks like a flying saucer. It's rather mesmerising:

Some sort of water-shooting thing. It's basically a big syringe.

Colin, looking rather like the panda from "Kung Fu Panda":

Anyway, that was fun! :) Dad and I got home from work last night to find Colin bouncing off the walls with excitement. He wouldn't stop talking, and he was planning where everyone was going to sit, and when Mom said she was going to go change clothes he started telling her what she should wear. I think he was just a little happy about his birthday. ;)

After opening presents and having cake, Colin finally calmed which point the chocolate, sugar, and caffeine I had consumed kicked in and I was the one who was hyper and didn't get to bed until about one in the morning. :D

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