Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Five types of hugs, or rather "church hugs" as defined by the Stuff Christians Like blog:

#613 Church Hugs

This makes me laugh, because I like giving hugs, I'm a huggy sort of person, except when I don't think my hug will be appreciated. In other words, I don't give unsolicited hugs, because there's nothing more awkward than giving or receiving an unwanted hug. (By the way, the more often you say or read the word "hug" the stranger it sounds/looks...)

But while different people definitely do get different types of hugs from me, I hadn't bothered to categorize them...nor do I necessarily use the categories as defined by the SCL blog. :D For instance I don't do "The Multitasker", wait...I do occasionally. Okay, scratch that. I've probably done all those types of hugs, but never bothered to classify them. All the same, I found that post amusing. :)

And if you're a hug-liking person and I haven't ever hugged you, my apologies...initiate a hug next time you see me. I may not seem like a hug-giving person, but I've been told I give good hugs.


rebecca said...

I'm a huggy sort of person, except when I don't think my hug will be appreciated.

Haha, that's just like me!

I usually do the Over-Under (or the Diagonal in the comments) since most of the people I hug are shorter than me. I have done the Multi-Tasker once...or rather a guy has done it to me. There seems to be some kind of intricate choreography involved. I don't know what's more awkward, hugging the wrong person or not knowing all the steps to the secret-handshake/hug :P Or trying to give your pastor a side hug when he is trying to give you the A-Frame...

Natalie said...

Yes, I generally do the diagonal for most people shorter or no more than 3-4 inches taller than me...otherwise I have to bend over and do the under, or over and feel like I'm choking them. Neither of which are comfortable. People a lot taller than me have to be content with a sidehug most of the time. :D

And yes, the multitasker is definitely a guy thing, two girls wouldn't hug that way. Hmm, when you don't know the choreography for the multitasker it turns into an impromptu arm-wrestling match that ends in a somewhat normal side hug. At least in my experience.

But don't get me started on fist-bumps, I have awful luck with those...knuckle to finger contact (the wrong way to fist-bump!)...painful. :/

It cracks me up that we're analyzing this... :P

Beth said...

I'm going to need diagrams to figure this out.

I started to type my hugging philosophy and almost came up with a whole blog post so I stopped. Suffice it to say I like hugging family members. Beyond that it gets iffy. My reaction to reading the hug post was similar to how I felt when your dad said in his sermon a few weeks ago that Heaven is going to be really LOUD. Cringe! Maybe I'm not really a Christian??

The most memorable church hug I ever experienced was when we visited a church for the first time several years ago. (I don't even remember what church it was...certainly NOT where we go now.) We walked into the lobby of the building and the usual designated greeter couple was there.

The man said something to us like "First time here?" and when we nodded and started to say "Yes" he grabbed me and gave me a full-force bear hug. We didn't go back there.

Natalie said...

Then you should write a whole blog post about it! Your blog's been kinda neglected...

Oh boy. Yeah, no hugs right when you meet people. That's weird.

I don't think hugs are a requirement for being a Christian. ;)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I read your Sept blog and skimmed the hug blog. You say you are a hugger... I will start hugging you. I don't think I have hugged you much! :) ;)