Monday, September 14, 2009

Stokes Stomp

My friend Amanda asked me after church yesterday if I wanted to go to an arts & crafts fair (the Stokes Stomp) with her that afternoon, so after deciding I could survive without a nap, we went out for lunch and then to the fair/festival.

We ate lunch at Qdoba, which I had never eaten at before, and I got some really delicious tacos. I highly recommend them; they were seasoned perfectly and the pico di gallo salsa I got on them was quite fresh and yummy as well.

I wished I had my camera with me because while we were eating there was a little mouse outside the window, looking for crumbs under a table on the patio. "It's Ralph!" said Amanda. We didn't see the motorcycle though. :D

The Stokes Stomp was fun. Like at most craft fairs there were lots of things I saw, but didn't want to pay as much as they were charging for them...that's the one problem with knowing how to make things yourself. I did buy a pair of earrings though, and Amanda found a bracelet. We got some really good ice cream too: Oreo, in a waffle cone. I managed to somehow drip ice cream on my shirt, from which it got onto the camera screen, because the camera was hanging around my neck, but it cleaned off the camera alright. In warm weather an ice cream cone can apparently get away from you very quickly. :)

The park where the festival was is right next to the Dan River, so after we finished our ice cream Amanda and I waded in the river. Or rather, she was going to just walk across the rocks to a little island in the middle, but I took off my sandals and got in the water, so she did too. :) I forgot she hasn't ever taken me on any outdoor activity before. If there's water to wade in, I will wade in it if it's warm outside, and I should remember to warn her before we ever go hiking together: I venture very close to edges and climb things. Haha. :p And yes, my parents are well-aware of my mountain goat ways.

So we waded...I think Amanda took a picture of me out in the water (from the island). We were a little dubious about taking our cameras out into the water.

I didn't end up taking very many photos at the festival, but we stopped and took pictures of a tobacco field and barns on the way back.

Dan River:

Barn with Sauratown Mountain in the background:

Her car looked sort of out-of-place...I'm not sure what sort of vehicle one should have for pulling over and taking pictures, but that's not necessarily it. Maybe some sort of CUV, or compact SUV.


Abby♥ said...

yuM! Qdoba is yummy. have u eva been to chipotle? It's even better! Looks like u had a good weekend!

Lauren said...

Oh my word I heart qdoba...I also love chipotle.. its a tie between the two. Moes comes in second....for southwestern/mexico themed grills. Isn't qdoba like a subway....mexican style?

Natalie said...

No, I haven't been to Chipotle...supposedly it's spicier food?

Hmm...I suppose it is sort of like Subway, the way you choose what you want on your food and stuff, but WAY better than Subway ever is!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

HA... I loved the post! I haven't yet gotten around to posting about the Stomp. I did finally sort all my recent photos off my camera. I have several posts to make. Anyway, I had a great time, and the quote about Ralph S. Mouse made me laugh!

Viva La Qdoba!

Lauren said...

Yea Chipotle is spicier! !Muy delicioso!