Friday, November 13, 2009

Farm house

I don't have any need for a house, but this one sure is cute.

On the other hand...unless this picture has been skewed out of proportion, I would kill myself on those stairs, in fact...almost anyone would kill themselves on those stairs:

It's a 1948 vintage farm house supposedly, so maybe that explains the blah beige and cream colors, but it really needs some more color in it! Actually...maybe I should say that's why the current owners went with those colors...I'm thinking it would have had a richer color scheme back then...?


Beth said...

Judging from the windows in that room, those are basement stairs. They were meant to be bare or painted wood, not to have thick carpet on them. That's throwing their proportions off and making them quite unsafe.

The light colors are probably to lighten up the basement as well. And based on the upholstery I would guess that "traditional farmhouse decor" isn't a priority for the current owners.

Now I have all kinds of questions...

1. 1940s farmhouse? Is that a style in our area? Or was that street farmland in the forties?

2. How bad does the rest of the house look that they are using the basement family room photo as the listing photo?

3. How much of what is there today is actually the original house? It looks to me like the two-story structure on the left of the photo was added on.

Natalie said...

Since I think most of the houses around it are fairly old too, I'm not sure how it could have actually been a farmhouse. But maybe it's possible, maybe the other houses aren't quite so old.

There were 16 different photos, I just grabbed that one to show those stairs!

I'm not sure...the listing didn't say anything about an addition, but that does look like it was added.

Beth said...

Ah, okay, I looked at the other pics. Have we been in this house??! It's quite similar in layout to the one on that street that we've been in. (Oh, that was quite the sentence, wasn't it?) I guess houses of the same vintage in that area might have been built by the same builder.

Natalie said...

Good detective work, and no, I don't think so. I have no idea why we would have been.

Yes that was quite the sentence. :D I know of houses in different areas of town that look similar.

rebecca said...

I was at a split-level house the other day. The stairs were at least as steep as these and maybe six inches deep. And they were made of very slippery wood. Even with shoes on they were hard to walk down (and I was carrying stuff). My first thought was "These would kill Natalie!" :P