Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In which I ramble

I guess I'm lacking people to ramble to...thus this blog post. Probably a sign I need to reply to emails. Oh wait, that's my conscience nagging me and telling me that.

Anyway, prepare yourself for rambling, and if you're not interested go ahead and stop reading here.

Something just clicked. And since I've been bombarded with more Moravian history than I ever wanted to know, it should have clicked earlier. The Moravian church on Silas Creek Pkwy. had this past Sunday's sermon title on their sign: Nov. 8: White Ribbons and Copper Coins. Huh??? I don't know how many times I saw it last week and I just now got it. It's the story from the gospels, of the widow who put in her two coins into the treasury, of course! The Moravian ladies used to wear different colored ribbons in their bonnets (I've blanked on what the bonnets were officially called) depending on their status. Little girls wore pink, older unmarried ladies wore cherry, married women-blue, and widows.....white ribbons. Ah-ha.

Also on Silas Creek there is either a woman's loafer, or a very nice men's loafer...not the sort of shoe you usually see beside the road. It's been there for over a week. There is also a pumpkin. And a car. All of these things should have been gone long ago it seems.

I find I'm used to Facebook's method of notifying you when someone comments after you on a post. I comment on a blog and then forget to go back and see what other people said because I got no notification. Of course, after a certain number of comments Facebook stops notifying you as well, which means if the owner of the status finally comes back and says something you may not see it. Owner of the status...that sounds a bit funny. Excuse me, the owner of the status outside, you left your headlights on... And why not "Status" for the name of a car? There's a "Focus", why not "Status". You could even say it British-fashion...'state-us'.

I'm still blowing my nose from this cold I had. So weird! I've never ever had something last this long.

It's very annoying that my nose keeps bleeding. I've started taking some Vitamin A hoping that will help eventually. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C....I should be really healthy when I finally ditch this cold! I'm in a cloud today, with my head all stuffed up. I took two doses of sinus medicine this morning (within three hours of each other even...though I think it's supposed to be four hours) and that didn't seem to help at all. I felt a little dizzy at one point today even, but I felt better after I sat down and had some lunch, so low blood-sugar might have been part of the reason.

Mom has been so bored she asked me if I had any yarn I wanted her to untangle and wind for me. So now most of my yarn stash is neatly wound into balls and I have no idea what to do with some of it. I desperately need to pull everything out and organize my yarn and other craft supplies. And switch out my clothes. I have boxes of winter clothes in my room that I keep digging through to find warm shirts to wear. The problem with this switch is that I leave a lot more summer clothes out in the winter than vice versa. And it requires time...and spreading things all over my room, and sorting out clothes that are too worn out to wear next year. Basically I have way too many things to sort and all of them require spreading over my room. Mom told me about this blog yesterday: Wardrobe Refashion, which reminds me I have yet another category of stuff: old clothes that are waiting to be remade or used in a sewing project. Yikes. Basically, my room is a ticking time-bomb of textiles and it's only a matter of time before it all explodes. Which means something needs to be done about it.

Oh, and then there's the problem of actually knowing what I do want to knit with different yarn. I have two projects going right now and ideas for 4-5 more! Uh-oh. Well, maybe I'll start just two more. One project is knitting a little scarf for the little girl I take care of, so that won't take long.

And the knitting pattern I'm working on now has been great, very detailed and just wonderful to do....until I got to this waist shaping round. 226 stitches and I'm supposed to somehow decrease 58 stitches.....as evenly as possible. As...evenly...as possible...?? I think I started twitching. I can follow the pattern, I was enjoying following the pattern, it's a very nice pattern...and then I'm supposed to just wing it and decrease these stitches as evenly as possible. Some sort of guideline might have been nice. You know, try decreasing every third stitch throwing in a few extra where needed, or something like that. That's what I ended up doing when I knitted it this afternoon. It took me forever and I tried to come up with some sort of algebraic equation to figure out the best method for placing these decreases...but nothing. So I winged it. I have no idea how even I got it, but it's done, and now all I'm dreading is the corresponding increase row. "Increase 58 stitches as evenly as possible." *sigh*

I made some cheese biscuity snack things last night, but I think they came out too salty. Darn. These ones. I need to get a cookie press thing so that I can make cheese straws. I've made them with a pastry bag once before and it about killed my hands and the pastry bag trying to pipe them out. I found a yummy chocolate chip cookie recipe though...the only problem is that they seem to go stale very fast (as I chew a slightly stale cookies). But microwaving always helps. Chocolate Chip Cookies. But they're soft, without using shortening! Right now I'm wondering if there are any cookies that taste like apple pie? Because that would be really good. Hmm...

Okay...that was definitely rambling. At least I got that out of my system. Maybe it will help my cold. :)

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