Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh, so that's a fever...

Bleah, famous last words. I didn't want my cough to turn into...something else. Well, it did. I am now recovering from bronchitis.

I'm feeling much better today and would have been able to go to work tomorrow if I had to. Yesterday though? Not so much.

Also I'm clueless about fevers. Looking back, last time I recall having a fever was when I was probably twelve or thirteen. So I really don't remember it very well. I just don't get fevers. I get colds, but not fevers...or stomach problems when it comes to that. So Monday night when I was chilled to the bone I thought it was a side-effect of my not eating lunch and having a minor blood-sugar crash right before supper, and also being in need of sleep.

Cold, very, very I attempted to thaw in a hot shower and then spent the evening bundled in blankets, with a heating pad. And of course when I woke up in the middle of the night, completely out of it, burning up, but aching and shivering at the slightest bit of cool air, and with a pounding headache, my brain wasn't up to registering that I had a fever! Obviously something wasn't right, but I didn't want to think about it, I just wanted it to stop.

So I got up when my alarm went off at 6, after a night of frantic, feverish dreams, to see whether I was up to going to work. I took a Tylenol in hopes of stopping my headache (because at that point I thought maybe I just had a migraine) and slowly started getting ready for the day. Half hour later I gave up and stumbled into my parents room, informing my dad that no, I was not going to work today, and that I needed the thermometer to take my temperature. Yup, I had a fever, which had probably gone down some from taking the Tylenol.

So I stayed home from work yesterday and today. I hated to bail on them like that, because it's not easy for them to find someone else to take care of the baby, but this was too much for me to overcome. I've dragged myself in while feeling pretty bad before, but nothing like this. All day Tuesday I went from feeling ever-so-slightly better to once again feeling totally wiped out.

So anyway, that's what I've been up to. Oodles of fun, obviously. Now Mom's coughing too, so she might have it as well. But I'm not going to have to go to work tomorrow either, so I can take care of her. :)

When I felt better today I got some recipes printed out, and just now got them stuffed into page-protectors. I don't know why those things are so tight...just a little bit more room would help with getting the papers in without crumpling them. Or maybe because I was putting two sheets of paper in they were too tight. It doesn't seem like it should make a difference.

I also pulled the office/school supplies out of the cedar chest in our living room and put the DVDs and VHS tapes in there instead today. Had to stop in the middle of it and rest though because I realized I didn't feel up to getting up off the floor with the big pile of stuff I was holding. :P

Well, the good news is that with any luck, if I get another fever within the next six years or so I might perhaps recognize it for what it is!


rebecca said...

I just had an idea...since you're not working, you could email me :D

Natalie said...

:/ Er, yes. That would require coherent sentences though, and those are rather in short supply. :P

Nah, I'll try to get to your email (emails?!) soon. :(