Friday, May 07, 2010

Dash it all, they've found my kryptonite!

I generally sleep like the metaphorical log. But apparently there is one good way to wake me up immediately: tickling. Along with being a sound sleeper I am extremely ticklish...really, act like you're going to tickle me and I will cringe and possibly shriek "Noo!!"

About a month ago I was at some friends' house for a birthday party/sleepover, and seeing as it was Friday, and I had had a long week, and I no longer have the energy of the usual sleepover-aged person I laid down on the couch to rest for a while when nothing was going on. (Nevermind the fact that my friend five years older and going through med school was wide awake...she probably had coffee earlier and I had not!)

At any rate, I laid down to rest and fell asleep of course, because that seems to be what I do anymore when I lie down on a couch. Soporific things, couches. I was rudely awakened some time later, pulled off of the couch, and beaten with couch pillows. I say! Once I had my wits about me I gave as good as I got of course. ;)

But how did they manage to wake me up? When I sleep so terribly soundly? They tickled me! It's not fair, I tell you...

Then the other night I was trying to sleep...what a novel concept! And the kitten (yes, we got a kitten; more on that later) not only walked all over me like she likes to do, she sat on me and poked me in the side to wake me up. Yes, poked me in the side. Which tickled immensely and woke me up right away. It's wonder I didn't wake everyone else up also with my combination giggling and Ahh!!-ing.

So, I despair of ever getting any sleep anymore. Although, the kitten left me alone and bothered my parents last night instead. I'm sorry to report that I only laughed when they told me the kitten had kept them shows how close I was to cracking if she'd pestered me one more night. :P

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Abigail said...

Hahaha. Our kittens used to wake me up by touching my closed eyes. I think they must have been moving or something. :D