Monday, June 07, 2010

8-15 depending on how you count

I'm never quite sure what constitutes having been to a state...staying there for a day or more? Staying overnight on a drive through? Stopping for 30+ minutes? Driving through?

I've been to 8 states if you count staying there for at least a day/sightseeing, etc.

visited 8 states (16%)

15 states if you count driving through or layovers on the way to other places/staying overnight. I'm not sure about Tennessee; it's not the most direct route, but I'm guessing we've gone through there to get to Illinois at least once.

visited 15 states (30%)
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Rebecca said...

I counted every state I have set foot/tire'd probably be around 12-15 if I only counted the ones I'd spent at least an afternoon in. I'm not sure which states they'd be, though--I know I've spent a night or two in a state near Maine, and stayed in a hotel in either Virginia or West Virginia (or North Carolina?). But we got into the hotel late enough that it didn't matter to me what state we were in :)

nathaninlatin said...

Layovers count.

Natalie said...

Okay, two votes for counting everything: I've been to 15 states. :)

Rebecca said...

Looks like we need to go west :)

There's got to be some kind of summer job that works with a road reviewing fast food restaurants! Is that a job?

Natalie said...

Yes, there do seem to be some big westward gaps in both of our maps. Unfortunately it takes longer to travel west. :/

I don't know, but I'm not sure I'd want it if it is a job. :D

Katarina said...

We count every state that you have been in, even if it was only for two hours (like my trip to West Virgina).