Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Swirling Thoughts

  • At least today the weather didn't feel like it should have swirling snow flakes to go with it...sun and slightly warmer temperatures are very welcome!
  • I should be doing lots of things. Like baking Christmas cookies, and knitting, and reading, and making things in Microsoft Office.
  • Instead I'm blogging. Because I should be doing that as well.
  • And using sentence fragments. Word would have a fit about that. 
  • Basically I have lots to do and so I've run run afoul of the paralysis that comes with that. Too much to do, no idea where to start.
  • I also just looked out the window and realized that the guys pretty much only put Christmas lights on one side of the mailbox. I'm not sure why... Either that or they've fallen off since they were installed?
  • We (the family and I, I mean) are planning on going gluten-free next year, so I mixed up a gluten-free brownie mix and it's in the oven right now, and it smells really good! At this point it would have to be very odd indeed to discourage me from eating it though, because I'm starving. 
  • I should be knitting, in case I didn't mention that...!
  • Aaand, the cat is eating my earbuds...well, there's a good reason to get the old-school headphones. Or a cat with less disgusting habits. Sheesh.
  • My brain is a confusing place right now, obviously.
  • And if I feel this confused, I feel sorry for all the people all over Facebook and Twitter who are talking about how they're madly working on finals this week. :/
  • Apropos of nothing, do they just not make jeans that fit anymore? I haven't found any the last few times I went to Goodwill, and the new ones I've tried on have been way too big in the waist. Granted, I haven't tried any Eddie Bauer jeans recently, so I may have to bite the bullet and buy some more expensive pairs of jeans and try to keep them from wearing out too soon.
  • On the bright side, I'm almost done with Christmas shopping! I have one more thing to order and then that will be one less thing to think about! 
  • Those brownies smell really good...
See you all later, when hopefully my thoughts won't be quite so random and odd. :)

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