Thursday, July 13, 2006

Busy, very busy

Okay, so this is going to be a really quick post because, as you may have guessed from the title, I'm busy. I haven't written for a while, so I thought I'd better get something posted, people keep telling me I haven't posted anything in forever!

Anyway, let's see, what have I been up to? I got the trim painted in my room, so the painting is really all done now, except for the doors, but they can be taken down and painted whenever I have time...and maybe when it's not so hot in the garage!

I've got stuff moved back into my room. I liked the feel of my mattress and boxspring on the floor, so I've ditched the bedframe, and now I can use my bed like a couch too, which is really cool. I wanted a couch, but there's no way I could afford one, or find one small enough to fit, so I solved two things at once this way! Yay! Now I'm on a search for either black, king-size pillow shams, or fabric that looks neat, but is not too expensive so I can make shams. I've got two king-size pillows that I was planning on putting on the side of my bed, up against the wall, so they would sort of be the back of the "couch". (I guess it's sort of a daybed... but not the hideously tacky "daybeds" that look like half of a brass baby crib, or something! You know what I mean?) Anyway, you wouldn't believe (unless you'd looked also) how hard it is to find black king-sized shams... for less than, like, $40! If I wanted standard size I could have gotten several, but for some reason I can't find the right size. And fabric-wise, for anything like, corduroy, faux-suede, micro-suede, moleskin, velour, etc., it seems to cost about ten dollars a yard... and I need about 5 yards! So that's frustrating. That and getting what was supposed to be black & white fabric, but is really black and beige...but that's a long story. At least I already have some other b&w fabric which I think is going to work for my bulletin board. Oh yeah, a couple years ago, I covered my bulletin board with batting and fabric, so it's one of those "memo boards" with the criss-crossed ribbons and stuff. And I think I'll have about a yard and a half left over for a piece of fabric across the top of my dresser, and maybe even enough for a pillow.

My dresser, that reminds me, I switched dressers with my little brother, so he has my wood one, and I have his more modern white one. It goes better with my decor. I need to get some pulls for it, and clean the pencil marks off the side, and it will look pretty cool! I'm having a little trouble getting used to it though, because it's shorter than mine was!

What else have I done? Oh yeah, I got some really cool fabric that's black with little gray swirls on it, and I've stapled that to the sides of my bookshelf. It's fake wood, so I couldn't stain it black, and everything we looked at online about painting bookshelves says that latex paint won't ever dry enough and the books will stick. And I don't want to use oil paint, and I definitely don't want my books to stick to the shelves! So the fabric is on the sides, and I'm going to glue ribbon on the edges where the staples are, and along the front edges of the shelves. Tastefully of course, not so that it looks like "I have a fabric-covered bookshelf! Isn't it so cute and FABRIC-COVERED?" Really, the fabric I picked out looks almost solid black from a distance, and very nice. I'll post pictures sometime when I get a chance.

Also, Mom and I went to CVS on Tuesday, I found some thumbtacks and black nail polish. Now, let me tell you that finding thumbtacks (colored ones, with some sort of coating on them, not plain brass) is as hard to find as the aforementioned pillow shams!!! Anyway, I found them (at CVS of all places) and no, I'm not painting my nails black, that's for the thumbtacks. Sorry to scare anyone! I need the thumbtacks for my bulletin board, and also for another decor feature in my room, which I'll tell you about when I get around to working on it...which might be this Sunday, if I have the stuff I need by then, because my friend who loves decorating (and you know who you are!) is going to stay here Sunday afternoon and help me with my room! Thanks, girl! :)

And I cleaned my carpet, and washed, ironed, and re-hung my curtains. So I'm moved back into my room, and I just got the last of my stuff out of the dining-room this morning!

Well, I think you're all up to date now, and if I think of anything else, I'll post later! Okay, this ended up being a pretty long post, but I type really fast, so it didn't take me too long! :)

Oh, if you don't know what I meant about the bulletin board, Google "memo board" and you'll see what I mean.

Okay, I 've GOT to go, I have a Science test that needs to be done, and some other work!


DALE IS MISSING!! (check your milkcartons) said...

WOW, you have been busy!! When my sister leaves (in september) i get to redecorate my room! i can't wait to see pictures of it when its all done!! i miss u! ttyl!!


Faith said...

Hey Natalie,
How are you? This is Faith from camp, I miss you and everybody else so much. It sounds like you have been really busy. I would love a picture of all of your decorating sometime. It sounds really pretty :) I hope you find the pillow shams too. Have you looked at Kolhs they may have them for not to expensive. I hafta go,
God Belss you,

pants...hehe said...

hey natalie!! im so glad that i could cum ovr on sunday and help a little with like sry that i couldnt stay the whole afternoon~!~and i cant wait 2 c the finished bulletin board!!!did u evr find a way to glue the ribbon on the bookshelf?? i hope u use my fun sham ideas! and definetely make a pillow outta like weaved stuff!
and i totally lol-ed when i read that day bed thingie-like a half brass baby crib type thingie!! i lol-ed!! i woulda said sumthing like that!! and u know it~!~ haha!! well, ill c u 2morrow night and respond to my emails asap!!