Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July

We just got back from seeing fireworks up in King (a tiny little town a little bit north of here). It was a really good show. I took pictures of the fireworks and I got a few good ones. I'll post a few. It wasn't too hot, which was nice. In fact, I was a little bit chilly at times. And either the bug-repellent we got works really well, or there just weren't any mosquitoes, but we didn't get bitten. We had a really good view of the fireworks. We pulled into a subdivision where they're building duplexs, so there weren't too many people around, and no street lights to interfere. I'll post the pictures in another post I think.

Several people mentioned to me that in my post yesterday, I forgot to say whether I liked the color of my walls... I do! It still looks a little bit gold when there's nothing in there, but it will look fine when I get stuff moved back in. I'm going to clean the carpet tomorrow. I can't paint the trim until the wall paint dries enough to put tape on it, so I thought I'd do the carpet in the meantime. My grandparents have a steam carpet cleaner thing, so I'm going to use that. And sometime I want my dad to put some more shelving in my closet for more storage, but that doesn't have to be done right away, although I'm kind of redoing my whole room! New paint, clean carpet, more storage, some new decor, different colored furniture maybe... Oh yeah, I don't think I mentioned, that when I get one thing done, I go overboard and do a whole bunch! So, I'll like start cleaning the house for company and end up cleaning out the closets (or whatever) which they'll never even see and didn't need to be done! But my dad does the same thing, so at least I'm not the only one! :)
So that's what I'll be doing tomorrow! And for those of you who will see me at Wednesday night church, that's why I'll be either yawning, or limp and worn out! Ha-ha! Well, hopefully I won't be either!

Ugh, now I'm itching from the bug-repellent... sheesh, you can't win no matter how hard you try!

A note to anybody who may have tried to post a comment... several people told me they had, but I never got the email to post it. They've tried again, and been successful, so if you commented and it didn't get posted, please try again!

Oh! I almost forgot! Pictures of my room:


rebecca said...

i like the color! i wanna do my room too!

pants....hehe said...

i wanna help u organize, paint furniture, and re arrange furniture!!!

rebecca said...

ugh...right now i'm sharing a room with andrea. and we both want our own rooms but if we did have them then the boys would have to share. and they won't (i mean...would you really want to share a room with john?) but anyway i would paint one or two walls bright bright bright lime green. :D