Friday, September 19, 2008

Complete and utter randomness and excitement

Sorry, no order to any of these things, just stuff I'm thinking about or doing. I really should be knitting right now actually. :)
  • Pobre tomate! :( And she doesn't act like Mrs. Bennet really. I don't think I've ever seen anyone in person actually act like Mrs. Bennet. :p ...but I suppose Jane Austen must have. Scary thought...
  • I think I've figured out the inspiration for the Harris brothers' book "Do Hard Things"...since I have a little brother I can see that they were probably told very often growing up that they could (and needed to) do hard things! :p Colin's in first grade this year...
  • This is the best hair clip ever!

It's the octopus clip. I'd seen lots of ladies wearing these and now I see why these clips are so popular...this is the greatest clip for putting your hair up! I can't usually pin my hair into a bun even though it's long enough, because it has layers. The clip holds all of the hair in place though! Thanks to Colin for the photo. :)

  • I have about 10 days to finish up my stuff for the fair...I need to weave the ends in on my afghan and knit the sleeves on my sweater. I gave up on the paper mache pear...more on that some other time.
  • My apron is giving me problems...I cannot get the trim sewn on properly...I think I'm going to have to hand-sew it. :( Not good.
  • It's getting cool outside! Hurrah!
  • Camp's next weekend?!
  • My driver's license photo is very scary (sorry, that was really wallet's sitting on the desk next to me).
  • Sometime between now and next weekend I need to find time to go to Target.
  • And this next item is really too long to be a bullet point, so it will just be a proper paragraph (or several) at the end of this...
I go to work and I miss things. And being an oldest child, I don't do well with not knowing what's going on! Even if it's something as simple as "we're going to Costco tomorrow night"...I miss any discussion of it or anything and it's complete news to me. Which is not a big deal, I don't need to know ahead of time when we're going to Costco, but I feel disoriented when I don't know what's going on.

All that to say that I missed part of an adventure yesterday while I was at work, so I did actually miss something somewhat important.

I got a text message from Mom mid-morning telling me that I was missing all the fun; that Gracie (one of our two cats) had brought a lizard inside and it was now under the piano and not coming out, while Gracie paced around howling.

Wow! Okay, so Gracie has this thing about lizards...we didn't know we had so many lizards around here until we had her. She plays with them, um, eats them, and she seems fascinated that their tails come off without much harm to them. Most of the lizards we have around here are blue-tailed skinks , but they're generally not-so-tailed when we see them. Anyway, apparently Colin let her in to the kitchen yesterday and she got in and dropped the lizard that she was hiding in her mouth, at which point Colin lost his head and started hopping all over the kitchen squeaking about the lizard while Gracie looked mad that he was scaring her toy. The lizard then apparently decided to get out of there and booked it for the piano (why the piano I don't know...maybe it could tell that was the only place the cat probably couldn't reach him). So anyway, Colin couldn't see the lizard under the piano, so he and Mom just left it until Dad and I could move the piano and look for it. That is, look in the piano and around it and anything but actually move the piano, because I DON'T WANT TO CLEAN UP SQUASHED LIZARD!!! *ahem*

So when Dad and I got home I cleared the books off the piano and got a light and opened the piano and looked under it and in it, and Dad took the front panel off and looked in lizard. Uh-oh. I'm just picturing finding the lizard in my bedroom, or finding it staring at me from the edge of the shower or something. It wouldn't be a big deal, I don't mind lizards, but I'd still not like to be surprised by one.

Then it dawned on me that maybe it was behind the cabinet next to the piano, so I pulled it out from the wall a lizard. Oh wait, there's a space under the cabinet too! So I pulled it out enough to see under it...oh, hi! The lizard was hiding in the corner farthest from me...unfortunately I couldn't figure out any way to get it out of there. We finally decided to try a yardstick with some duct tape wrapped around it, so Dad and Colin went to look for the duct tape. In the mean time, I lay on my stomach peering under the cabinet and shining the light on the lizard, while it tried to stay in the shadow. Then all the sudden I realized that it was moving away from the light and in the process coming right towards my face! Mom says I said something like "Waaa-ooo, oooh my!" as I got off the floor and out of the way in a split second! :D I somehow managed to quickly flick the lizard onto the rug and roll it up there and then I took it outside. Whew. Lizard disposed of. So I didn't miss the second half of the excitement at least. :)


Ana said...

I have that hair clip. It is the best!!

Lizzie said...

Haha. My license photo is creepy too. I look hysterical. Probably hysterically happy that after 3 hours in the DMV I was almost out of there...

My cat has a thing for lizards too. Fortunately, she usually plays with them so much that by the time she brings them in the house and drops them, they're so stunned that we have plenty of time to clap a plastic cup over them. And then slide a piece of paper under and voila. We're professionals. It's very sad. :P

Natalie said...

I know, isn't it great, Ana?! :) You can just sort of twist your hair up and the clip takes care of the rest...usually putting my hair in a bun requires 8 hair pins all around it.

AH! That's a great system, Lizzie! I didn't even think of that...this one might have been going too fast for that to work, but I'll keep that in mind. Hey, didn't you guys have a snake under your piano one time...did your cat bring that in too? And what is it about pianos? :D

Oh, my little brother was very impressed by your lizard-disposal method too...although he said, "Then you have a pet lizard!" No...then you take the lizard back outside!!! ;P