Monday, September 22, 2008

A little McDonald's and amusement for Monday :)

So McDonald's has these two new commercials out, promoting the fancy coffees that you can get at the McCafe now...basically they're making fun of Starbucks and similar trendy coffee places.

In looking around online for these I found out that apparently people are rather upset by these! I like Starbucks and I doubt I'd actually buy a coffee at McDonald's, but personally I think the ads are pretty funny! But people are complaining that the ads are offensive to hip, trendy people, and the women's ad is demeaning to women...of course they're mainly getting upset about that one.

Being neither a feminist or trendy myself, I say enjoy the commercials! :) They amuse me, although I think the guys' one is funnier...."I can shave this thing off my face!!!"

"Hipsters"-the guys' commercial

"Intellectuals"-the women's commercial

I was going to post the videos on here, but they're too wide and resizing just crops them. So just follow the links.


Jessica said...

Ha ha...I like those. I'd seen the guy one but not the girl one. Just my two cents...I don't think they're offensive at all! :P I do happen to like the "bookish" atmosphere of coffee shops, and do enjoy occasionally going there and being bookish. Now that I think about it, I do feel kind of funny if I make a spontaneous run by Starbucks and I'm just in my normal sweatpants-and-tee shirt...

But I definitely think that McDonald's coffee is almost just as good as Starbucks. I was pleasantly surprised. :)

Weeksie50 said...

HA.. I haven't seen either of those.. I don't do coffee all that often.. I do love frappachinos though.. but that is more like ice cream than coffee to me..

Caroline said...

those are funny!! my computer wouldnt let me view the girl one though~!

Natalie said...

Yeah, I don't think they're offensive at all either, Jessica, just funny! :D So McDonald's coffee is actually pretty good?

Ooo, yes, I like frappacinos too, Becky!

Hmm....I'm not sure how you could make it work, Caroline. But the guy one is the funniest anyway. :) The glasses guy is especially funny..."Ah, I do need mine...they're very real." :D