Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two things...

One, I realized that in my post about dancing I wrote, I don't know how many paragraphs, and then said "Suffice to say"...which obviously it didn't!!! So, maybe kind of the wrong use of that phrase. :)

Two, I was looking at the library's online catalog yesterday to see if I could find books or other stuff about contra dancing and searching on "contra" got me lots of things about the Iran-Contra Affair...and I rather got the giggles picturing a bunch of Iranians contra dancing... :p Yes, I know all of you are shaking your heads and sighing. And yes, I know that's not what the Iran-Contra Affair was about. (I found one book and a CD of music, btw.)

Have a good Saturday! I'm taking lots and lots of stitches out my apron I'm sewing...woo-hoo. :(

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jessica said...

Oh...but don't you LOVE taking stiches out? It's my favorite pastime.