Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion and crafts

Uh-huh, my male readers probably all just either gulped, groaned, or decided not to read my blog right now after all. ;)

I was amused by the fashion section in the paper today...not so much by the contents, but by the fact that it was right on the other side of the sports section. :) The funny things that happen when they squash the paper into fewer sections...

As far as fashion, the dresses that are in style this summer are...interesting. Things like these:

I like how they're very flowy and feminine, but I don't like how they look like nightgowns. If they just had some more structure or sleeves I'd like them in that last picture numbers 4 and 6 have sleeves, and #4 almost looks like a t-shirt and skirt, plus the model is wearing a belt with it.

I like the ones from last time these were in style, like the Gunne Sax dresses:

Oh, I just remembered I have some vintage sewing patterns for dresses like that, though they all have long or short puffy sleeves...maybe I could come up with a way to put a different sort of short sleeve on them. Hmm... :)

All in all though, I don't really follow fashion trends. I like to look at what the fashion is "supposed to be" and maybe some ideas, or take one thing from it, but I generally just wear what I like.
Thing is, with my taste in clothes that can be jeans and a t-shirt one day, one of these sort of dresses possibly, and a preppy-ish business look the next. :) Well, perhaps not quite preppy...more like classic preppy. Or maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about because I don't really pay that much attention to "fashion". :D I know what I mean by a certain look, but I may not be using the right terms to describe it. At any rate, I wear what looks good, and for the most part it's usually something pretty simple, and if it happens to be in be it. :)

As far as crafts, I've seen several neat things recently.

These flower hair clips are cute. Good way to get those pretty fabric flowers to stay in your hair. I'm wishing I had some fabric to make these now!

Fabric Easter eggs. I'm not quite sure that there's any really good use for them, but they're kinda cool.

This really neat tote bag. I think what I like most is that it looks like something you could buy (but not sew!), but you can make it at home, and they even have the pattern on there for free. Free is always good. ;)

Headband...looks like it might even stay on my head, though they usually slide off.

More fabric flowers. These ones can be made out of any fabric too, so I might be able to find something to make them.

I've been working on knitting this scarf out of some yarn I got at Goodwill (in other words I have no idea what kind it is). This is how far I've gotten so's just shy of 14 inches.

Oh, and I'm also wondering if I've just blogged about all I have to blog about or what. I haven't been able to come up with anything to really write recently.


Caroline said...

I completely agree with you about those dresses! Not my style!

Lauren said...

FINALLY! SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME ABOUT THOSE DRESSES! Almost every day a blogger will post telling how cute and comfy they are. I really don't care for them, they can be to skimpy on top and look a little to 'bohemian/hippie' for me. Plus they are a huge trend!

abby said...

agreed. They often look like a tropical hippie. lovely. not.

rebecca said...

The dresses in the last picture are okay (some of them), besides being immodest at the top...but I like long hippie dresses :)

Only a lot of these seem to have the high waists and poofy skirts that look like maternity dresses...