Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day...hopefully everyone knew that. If not, you may want to call your mom right now and apologize or something. ;) Though I'm not sure if I really have any room to speak, seeing as I didn't get my mom anything. Sorry Mom...I didn't know what to get you...since you don't really need a misc. Mother's Day gift, I kinda feel bad about that though. :(

Anyway, we went out to eat for lunch with my grandparents. We went to the Chinese buffet, which was really good...and really busy. We finally ended up sitting on the smoking side because there were tables there and no one was smoking at the moment anyway. We made all the way to the end of lunch before someone started smoking, and I managed to not start coughing too bad before we got out of there. :P Ick.

For the evening services at church right now, we're going to be going through A.W. Pink's book The Attributes of God, which the men have been studying on Wednesdays. Anyway, they're going to take turns speaking on Sunday evenings and Dad went first. And did a very good job of course. :)
I found it slightly amusing though...I'm thinking they must train pastors what to do with their hands while they're preaching so they don't lean on things, because Dad, and our music leader a few months ago, both did the same thing, which was to hold onto the far edge of the pulpit as if it was going to get away from them. :D Not a problem, it just amused me. :) Hmm...not quite a pulpit...shoot, what are those things called? Ah, a lectern.
Dad actually spoke on the last chapter of the book, because that's how they started their study. The Contemplation of God.

Even after saying I wouldn't get a Twitter account, I actually signed up yesterday to be able to follow people better. I was subscribed to several Twitter pages via Google Reader, but it was getting annoying to use. So I signed up so that I'll be able to keep up with news (I'm following several local and national news pages) and some personal Twitter pages as well. I don't, however, intend to Twitter much myself, and if I do I shall avoid telling people what I ate for lunch, etc. :) Oh, and my dad even signed up for Twitter last night!!! I'm shocked.

Now I think I'll go see what I can get done today between blowing my nose every fifteen minutes. I have either an odd cold, or allergies, I'm not sure which. But I'm taking Tylenol and sinus medicine and wishing it would go away. I'm actually hoping it's not allergies because then it will last longer. I'm afraid it might be allergies though, because for one thing I can smell honeysuckle blooming everywhere, and that stuff's a killer.


Uncle Jim said...

Hmmm... blowing, sneezing, general cold-like symptoms, spreading through the family like a pandemic.

Your grandma has suggested you all be tested for H1N1, hasn't she?


Natalie said...

Surprisingly not...

But I'm the only one who has it so far, whatever it is.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I was/am not sure about Twitter either. People type all kinds of things on Twitter, (as you mentioned things like the menu at lunch,)and I have typed a few random things since my blog is more thematic. Anyway, it is worth a try.

rebecca said...

What happened to the long post?

*hurries to go write blog post and look less hypocritical*

Natalie said...

Hey, I'm working on it! :D

I was just thinking I should post something else in the meantime. :P

rebecca said...

Yes, something random that no one else understands or has any interest in! Then I won't look so silly...