Friday, May 08, 2009

Some more pictures, etc.

I actually have a few ideas of things to blog about, but they all require some thinking and organization before I write them, so you get some more pictures that I never got around to posting. Okay...I now that I stated that I'll have to remember to follow through on it... :p The post ideas, I mean.

Cat that came around while I was at work yesterday...a big sweetie:

Iris, I think?

Bean blend for soup:

Skirt I made. Colin actually took these pictures...and went way overboard on taking them. He was bossing me around telling me where to stand, and moving things around. All I did was ask for a picture! :D

Necklace and earrings that I made for Mom:

The garden a few weeks ago, after I finished digging it all up. Keeping in mind some of that area was already garden that we had in raised beds. Those didn't work so well though, so Dad and I had to take them down, and then I dug up the rest. I need to do some more gardening tomorrow, and get some newer pictures.

So, I've been busy with work, gardening, reading, and actually did some cross-stitching again recently! I don't think I've been keeping up with my reading list on here very well...I've had/have about three or four books in progress, some of them going faster than others. I finished up the scarf I was knitting (I need to get a picture of it), so all I've got going right now knitting-wise is a couple dishcloths.

I went dancing again on was much better than the last dance (which was about a month ago and all of....five posts ago. Ugh. I need to write more often). It was a good band and lots of people...which meant it was a lot more fun, but also more crowded. One girl and I hit our shoulders together because the two circles were so close. Another lady had shoes with some sort of heels, and she clipped the back of my ankle. Ouch. No bruises or sustained injuries though. :) For my part I accidentally smacked one guy in the jaw with the back of my hand (not very hard, I don't think) and stepped on another's feet and then tripped him...or he tripped me. I think maybe we were both to blame (it's happened before too!). :D

I think that's all for now...oh, I also finished sewing some cloth napkins today. I've got some more fabric ready to cut out and sew though, so I'll get a picture of all of them at once.

I'm looking at ING and HSBC's online savings accounts and seeing if there's any reason not to go with the one with the higher interest rate. Well, higher by .15%, so if it doesn't sound good I won't be getting much less for going with the lower one really. I've looking into ING before, so I know what they have to offer, but I hadn't heard of HSBC's savings before. Must do some more research. I'm thinking they sound pretty good though.

Mmm...rambling post there, but at least there's actually some text, right? :/ And now it's time for from Costco!


Sheila Hargett said...

We get pizza from Costco too, if you mean the kind that they put together fresh, you take it home and cook it. Almost as good as homemade!...:)
Like your pictures and yes, it's an iris. I took pictures of mine this year, but not after a rain! Nice skirt!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

-Nice contrast with the flower against the bricks.
-Good job on the jewelry.
-Your skirt looks comfortable!
-The photo with the beans is very interesting. The texture and pattern really stand out.

Natalie said...

Actually we got the kind from the food court, Mrs. Hargett, but it's the same pizza I think. We've gotten the fresh ones before too.

Yes, I was happy to see the raindrops on the flowers when I got out there with my camera. :) Thanks!

Thanks, Amanda! Yeah, I was getting ready to soak the beans for soup and decided I had to take a picture (or several) first.

Uncle Jim said...

If you just take a quick glance at that thumbnail shot of your garden work, it looks like you've just dug a grave... :)

Natalie said... does rather. :D It's pretty big in person though, about 17' x 8'. And nowhere NEAR 6 feet deep! :D

Abigail said...

I really like the jewelry. Good job!

Abby said...

yum! costco pizza is really good.

nice job on the jewelry! I really like it!

Caroline said...

I love the pictures of the iris's we used to have some, but they were at our old house... I think you and Jessica need to come over again, and we all go contra dancing!!! taht was really fun!

Natalie said...

Thanks all of you! :)

Yeah, Costco pizza is yummy.

Yup...Jessica needs to come early next (wow, yeah, next week already) before the homeschool convention, or stay till the Tuesday after so we can go dancing. :D