Friday, May 29, 2009

Homeschool conference, etc....

No, I still haven't finished any of the long blog posts I promised...I must apologize. :(

Last week was rather full! I worked Tuesday and Thursday, helped some friends who were moving pack on Wednesday, and then I went to the NCHE homeschool conference Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I'm glad I went, it was a lot of fun. :) I got to see several people I hadn't seen for a while, and hang out with some friends.

I went to a line dance and swing dance class/dance thing Thursday night, which was amusing. I lost count of how many of the homeschoolers were wearing Converse tennis shoes...30-40 I'm guessing. :p And it was funny to see which of the guys had danced before and actually knew what they were doing, versus the ones who looked confused and wouldn't say anything apart from "oops" when they messed up. A fascinating exercise in people-watching... :D

Over the weekend I went to quite a few good seminars, most of them about worldviews and such, and also one about G.K. Chesterton.
The worldview seminars were given by John Stonestreet. I wasn't sure if I was going to like them or not, but he was pretty sound and I liked his speaking style.

Saturday I went to the graduation because my friend Laura graduated this year (actually, I knew several of the graduates). Then I went over to her house for a party afterwards which was fun!

Hmm....what else? Oh, we had a cookout after church on Sunday, lots of yummy food and funny conversations. :)

Went to a great contra dance on Tuesday...thought it was going to be the last one Laura would make it to before she left for a missions trip over the summer, but she's not leaving till later next week and she left her shoes at the dance this week. Uh-oh. So I'm not sure what we're doing! :D Maybe she'll get to go one more time. I don't generally keep track of whether my friends have rounded up all their belongings, but perhaps I should. ;)

See...I generally curb my oldest child/border collie mindset to avoid annoying people...which is probably a good thing. Now if I could just channel that to remembering things better for myself, that would be good. :p Hmm, it just hit me that maybe that mindset is just an inherent trait that is finally put to good use by being a mom. Yeah, I think that's probably it, but it still can annoy people to be "mothered" by people with no such right. Hehe. :D
(Mmm-hmm...feminists everywhere would probably yell at me for saying that. Too bad.)

It's been raining here a lot, so my garden is growing really, really well! I took pictures last week, but it's grown since then even, so I shall have to get some more recent shots. I'm happy it's doing so well...if it can get a good start like this everything should do better through the summer! Of course the weeds are also growing like...well...nevermind.

So anyway, I thought I'd let you know briefly what I've been up to. Some time...eventually...I will post something else. Maybe I'll just start blogging once a week. You know, so you're not expecting something more often? Set a day to post things...or maybe not.

Hmm, that post had a steady drip of sarcasm, I didn't even realize I was feeling sarcastic today. :)


Abigail said...

I'm itching for a contra dance, but the only ones close enough for us to attend are at NCSU and they won't hold another one until September! :(

Natalie said...

September?! Oh dear... Well, there are dances in Carrboro, but it looks like Carrboro's about a half hour to the west of NCSU, so maybe that would be too far?

There's also some in Virginia (I'm not exactly sure where you are, but I thought maybe y'all are close to the NC/VA line.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

You have simply turned into a dancing machine!

Natalie said...'m not sure how to take that...? :D

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Oh come on... I'm just sarcastically and perhaps in a funny way saying you must really like dancing and are really becoming quite the dancer as you seem to dance often.

Natalie said...

Hehe, here we go again with our misunderstanding each other in print... :D (Somehow I just can't recognize your sarcasm when I'm not looking at you say it!)

Okay, I see. :) Yes, I am then.

I can recognize funny sarcasm in anyone else!

Jessica said...

Oldest child/border collie? Hahahaha!!! THAT is an interesting way of putting it. :P

And yes...The guys who didn't know what they were doing. Both this year and last year I kept getting "stuck" with guys who would always be counting out loud while they were dancing, "One-two-three, one-two-three, rock-rock..." the entire song. I think I have a mind to have all my children learn ballroom dancing from a very young age. :-)

Natalie said...

Oh, I don't know...I didn't mind the counting, provided it actually helped matters. :D I kind of needed the counting myself, and I still have to count most of the time when I waltz, so I'm used to it.

Yes...that sounds like a good idea!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

WHAT? You can recognize sarcasm in anyone else? Oh well, I may not really be very funny, at least in print, as you say. Of course I would not insult you, especially in print, so perhaps you could assume I am joking. I think "dancing machine" is some kind of quote, old song, or something like that anyway. (I'll keep working on my humor!) :)

Natalie said...

I think you say so many things with a sort of dry sense of humor, that I really have to see your facial expression to tell how you mean it or something.

Yes, apparently it's a song by The Jackson 5...who I'm such a big fan of, of course... ;P