Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photos from yesterday

I liked how the blue car stood out up on the hill:

Apparently yesterday, while I did get shoe sopping wet, and had to deal with little bugs that kept flying into my eyelashes, I missed all the excitement at home. The excitement of my grandpa going missing...what's new, right, relatives? ;)

There has been something wrong with the air conditioner in their car, and it apparently quit completely yesterday. At which point Grandma got really upset about it and said she couldn't ride in the car when it was that hot, so they came home and Grandpa went back out. Somewhere. Presumably to get the AC fixed. Well...I guess it was about three hours later Grandma came over here wanting Mom and Dad to "go find him". Mmm...okay. They didn't have the car, nor any idea where he actually was! To make a long story short they finally got her to call the place that had been fixing the car and see if he was there, and if he wasn't they would go look for him. He was there, I don't remember if they got the car fixed or not. So...just another story to add to the stories of Grandpa disappearing. :P


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I really like all the values and tones in the last photo!

Is this R. House?

Natalie said...

Thanks, yes, it is.

Rebecca said...

Haha...all I can think of are stories about Grandpa mysteriously appearing :P

Nice photos!

Natalie said...

Appearing, eh? Well, I guess he does that too. Remember the half and half? :D

Rebecca said...

That's what I was thinking of :)

Remember the backwards skipping? That was really random, but I just thought of that the other day :D

The Shrubbery said...

I miss you, Natalie!