Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer plans

BIG plans. No...not really. Not at all in fact. Actually, it's a good thing that in my family we haven't ever made big summer plans and gone on multiple vacations and stuff like that...cause I don't get the summer off from my job. In fact, I'm working more days this summer, and working on all the Fridays too I believe. That's a bit of a bummer perhaps. I don't really do much on Fridays at least, but sometimes it's nice to have them free. Oh well. :)

Anyway, I went letterboxing today at Reynolda Gardens with my friend Jess. I think I've explained letterboxing before? People hide rubber stamps in various places and you follow the clues to find them, and stamp the stamps in your notebook, then stamp your personal stamp in the logbook that's in the box. It's quite fun. :)

We were looking at the logbooks to see when some stamps had last been found and the last entry was dated 6/13/09 (today!) at which point we kind of went "ooooh..." and looked around (like the people were really going to be anywhere nearby). :D Chances are they'd been there early in the morning and were long gone, but it was cool.

I brought my camera with me (of course) and took pictures until my battery went dead on me. Very sad. of my plans is that I need to round up a friend and go back to Reynolda Gardens sometime this summer and take a bunch of photos, because it's a great place for photos. Or I'll just go and wander around taking pictures, if my dad doesn't mind me going by myself. It sounds peaceful. Or maybe I'll do both.

Jess and I also decided that sometime before she leaves for the summer we need to go up to Hanging Rock and hike to the waterfalls and stand under them. I haven't done that for years! (Hiked up there, yes, gotten soaking wet, no.) I think we decided that after we were leaning over the bridge watching the waterfall at the gardens and thinking it looked so nice and refreshing. However, it also looked like they built it and keep it fairly hard to get into...I have a feeling they'd discourage people climbing up the rocks to the bridge...kinda dangerous, you know. However, considering the proximity to Wake, we decided that most probably there have been oh, just a few expeditions into there by some frat boys. :p I think we'll stick with the legally entered waterfalls up in the mountains. ;)

I did manage to get wet though while we were looking for one letterbox. I was looking around by the creek and stepped onto something I thought was solid. It wasn' was a rather non-solid mass of brush and such and my foot went right through up to my knee. So I had a shoe full of water and crud the rest of the afternoon. Ugh.

We also need to have a sleepover and watch a cheesy (but apparently funny and worth-watching) eighties movie she was telling me about, called "Short Circuit". But...I'll need to um, work out the details for that and see if it will work because it'll have to be at my house since her roommates have already moved out of her apartment and, well, took their TV and couch. Which they had every right to do, but it's hard to have a sleepover and watch a movie with no couch or TV. :D

So...there's a few plans for summer, most of which will have to be done before Jessica moves away to college. *sniffle* :(

I've also been thinking about school and whether I should be doing some more school. I actually still have some geometry workbooks I need to just dig out and finish one of these days. It's not that they're hard...if they were I might actually be more motivated to get them done, but they're going to be really easy, so I just need to take the time to get them finished. Urgh. And then think about what else I should or shouldn't be doing. But that'll take some serious thinking and prayer before I make any decisions. Oh...and fighting my antipathy to schoolwork. :/

Oh, and I need to figure out what I want to enter in the fair. I'm sewing a skirt right now, so I'm trying to do it really carefully so I can enter it. I've sewn a couple other things recently, and sewn them as neatly as I'm happy with, but I don't think they'd win any prizes. :)

I also have a bunch of books I want to read. So I'll be wading through those this summer. Wading? Did I just say wading? Wow...I can't believe I have too many books to read! Maybe just too many I want to read all at once.

Um...I have no idea if that post was at all interesting to anyone else? Oh dear. My brain needed sorting out though and this helped. More rambling like the last post. Wait...didn't I use to always blog like this? Didn't I use to blog even? That's becoming rare. Maybe I'll resurrect that habit this summer. My summer that has no more time than the rest of the year. I'm looking forward to it. :)

I think work is going to be pretty fun this summer too. The baby is oh, a few weeks to a month away from walking. And I think I'll be taking her down to the kiddie pool when her parents join the neighborhood pool/tennis/playground thingy. Also, oddly enough, the heat isn't bothering me too much this summer. Okay...I need to shut up and go to bed now. Tomorrow I'll post some of the pictures I took today.

Oh...feel free to throw something at me if you think I used WAY too many smiley faces in this post, because I did.

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rebecca said...

I am pretty much just working this summer. And reading! What are you planning on reading?

I also have a 40s dress pattern that I need to buy fabric for, and I also want to sew some tops. Only I have never sewed any clothes before. So this should

Maybe you are just really happy? :)