Sunday, October 04, 2009

No fair!

So, the fair is this week. None of us entered anything this year because we just haven't had much time in the past year to get things made, and if we have it's not been fair-quality things.
I usually enter some sewing, knitting, photography, and baking, but I've sewn things the way I'm happy with them, which is not always perfect; I haven't gotten any great knitting done; and the baking can be extremely last-minute and stressful. So no fair entries this year.

I kind of miss it. The rush of getting things done in time, the dropping stuff off and smiling at the ooo-ing and ah-ing of the ladies checking things in. The relaxing and not thinking about the judging going on on Thursday...usually we're too busy cleaning the sugar and flour off the kitchen to think about it too much anyway. And then going to the fair on Friday to see what you won, and figuring how much money you got from the prizes. Eating a funnel cake and some other over-priced fair food and wandering around in large crowds of people that you just don't see the rest of the year...(where do they hang out usually?) We don't usually go on rides because right now I'm the only one in my family that doesn't mind being spun around and flipped upside down on a ride. I'm hoping Colin will outgrow his fear of heights, etc., someday: it's a foreign concept to me. :)

We would have had to be getting things ready on Tuesday, and then drop them off on Wednesday. However, on Tuesday I worked and on Tuesday night I had time to go contra dancing. Then I was thinking about my friend who was getting back from Minneapolis at noon the next day, and then had to get her entries rounded up and taken to the fair. Plus her brother who I took to contra was saying on the way home that he still had ten things to finish that night (this was at about 11!)...and I wasn't feeling so bad about not having the stress that goes with all of this! :D

I'm thinking about what I want to do for next year though, because unless I'm really busy next year too, I want to enter things. I think since I took a year off, I should be able to actually focus on getting things done throughout the year as opposed to feeling burnt out and ready for a break like I usually do right after the fair. :)

I'm working on a knitting project right now, it's going to either be a dress or a tunic, depending on how much yarn I have. And so far I haven't made any mistakes on it either, which is very unusual with a knitting project! I'll post some pictures when I get enough knitted to be worth photographing. At the moment it's kind of a big lump on a needle.

As far as anything else, I don't have anything specific planned to work on this year. Oh, and my cross-stitch project I've had going for years. I should probably finish that this year. And I'll do some photography. I really should make a list of what all I could get done this year.

In other news...well, life as usual I think. I can't think of anything terribly exciting that's happened lately. :)

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