Friday, March 12, 2010

Questions of science, science and progress...

Well, I guess since my last post was about my knee pain, I should start by saying that it's getting better. It's so lovely to go through a day and not really feel your knee, meaning it's not hurting. I've been exercising carefully and wearing my shoes more so I have more support and I'm in the middle of trying to find a new pair of running shoes. (I will soon have 6 pairs at home to decide I don't make decisions easily this should be fun...)

Besides recovering I've been attempting to make sense of school. Could this all be more complicated? When I'm not trying to figure out possible college stuff, I'm working on a business math book I bought, and reading way too many books at once.

One thing I'm reading right now is "How the Irish Saved Civilization" which is about how the Irish scribes saved all the old Latin writings and such...or that's what it's going to be...I haven't quite gotten that far yet. It's very interesting and I'm learning about Augustine and more about the fall of Rome and such because it gives some background to the main part of the story. I like history books where I can say "Oh, yes, I knew that, and that fits in with that fact that I didn't know".

So pretty much what I've been doing lately is working, working out, reading, and making my brain work WAY too hard. Well, it seems to think it's working too hard...may be a matter of opinion. I read things, and research things, and sigh, and about then my brain suggests that perhaps it would be a good time to just lie down and take a nice nap and not think about this stuff anymore. Uh-oh. As nice as that would be, I kind of doubt that it's a good solution. I would be well-rested though.

I did take advantage of the wonderfully warm weather on Tuesday though, and went outside and lay in the sun reading until I felt sleepy, and then I rolled over and dozed off for a while, woke up and went back to reading. Very leisurely, very relaxing, and I was only ever so slightly sore to the touch from being in the sun. Absorbed a little vitamin D, but not enough to make me look like a strawberry...or tomato,, in other words.

Well, I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow, so that should be fun, and a chance to relax. :)
In the meantime, I will be thinking. Oh, I've been knitting too...I'm working on a pair of socks. They seem to be working so far. It took me a while to get the sock going, but I've got the toe done now. Baby steps.

Ah, right...Grandma wants me to help her clean out their library, so I'll be doing that too. That will actually be kind of fun and peaceful...books and organizing. Provided I can make sense of my work schedule and plan when to do that. :P

Mary Chapin Carpenter makes me wish I actually knew how to play my guitar...not adding that to my list of things to do right now though:

Incidentally...Nobody said it was easy!

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