Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's this...a vlog?!

My new iPod has a video camera, so I got the idea to make use of it and do a vlog. (Video-blog, in case you didn't know.)

Hopefully y'all can understand me...I really do mumble, I think. Either most people have gotten used to the way I talk, or they don't care if they miss an occasional word, but I'm surprised I don't get more people asking me "What??" when I talk to them. I feel rather sorry for them. Or maybe I'm the one who can't hear very well so I think I'm hard to understand. Who knows. I know I have several friends whom I have a hard time hearing sometimes. Somehow I think that's usually from an inability to block out ambient noise, rather than from deafness, because I feel like I can hear most things quite well. If I'm in a crowd of people however, it's very hard to hear just one person clearly.

Note: you have to click through to YouTube to see the video, since I turned off the embedding feature.

When I was helping my grandparents with their books, I was looking at all the piles and piles of old hardcover books, and got a sudden picture of where my book collection is headed. :D With the difference being that my books are mostly classic fiction, while my grandpa has old religion/theology books. And lexicons. I don't know how many Greek lexicons one person really needs, but he feels the need to have about, oh, at least twelve! Plus three sets of Bible commentaries (big long sets), and several 2-3 volume commentaries as well. We didn't get rid of those. I carried them all back and put them back on the bookshelves.

So, that's that.

Incidentally, my camera seems to make odd ringing noises, because I hear them in the background, but there was nothing else that could be making that noise. Very strange.


Kristen said...

Fun! :-)

nathaninlatin said...

Nice vlog! It's quite different to "meet" people and learn about their mannerisms, tenor...idiomatic ticks (;-) ) over the internet!

I feel old. :-(

Natalie said...

Ha, I think I should have titled this "How many times can I say 'anyway' in one three-minute video?". I hope I don't usually do that! :/ And messing with my hair! Sheesh, do I do that so much in person?!

Hehe, you feel old because of all the modern technology, Nathan? I know what you mean.

My mom and I were just talking last week about how the internet wasn't even around when I was born...let alone YouTube. I clearly remember when there was no YouTube (five years ago, I guess), but I use it so much anymore to find music or TV clips! Just all the things that have changed in the last ten to twelve years is enough to make one feel old. :P

Rebecca said...

Sheesh, do I do that so much in person?!

No. But I do the same thing when I'm talking to people I don't know very well. Andrea has made fun of me for doing weird flirty hair flippy things while talking to guys. Only I am entirely unaware of what I'm doing at the time...

Natalie said...

Yeah, I'm thinking it must be a nervous thing. I know I mess with my earrings sometimes when I'm feeling awkward, and for whatever reason I went for my hair instead this time. :D

hannah·rose·photography said...

I have to say that when I think about things that were/weren't around when I was born, it cracks me up how we think concerning different ages. I mean, I know people who were born 80 years ago - during WWI! I understand the idea...but considering other, older peoples' ages and experiences puts everything in a different light. =)

nathaninlatin said...

Yeah, new technology, new adapted social practices.

I mean, when I was a kid you made friends by throwing a rock at the strange guy in the yard nextdoor, not meeting him as an abstract text-representation on twitter.

Natalie said...

Hannah, I know exactly what you think of that stuff as history, but then you realize you know people who were a part of that! It's pretty cool really, but it certainly does make you look at things differently. My grandpa had an older brother who was killed at Pearl Harbor (I think...sometime in the war anyway). Morbid example, but yeah...

Hmm, in that case I'm glad I met you on Twitter and not next-door, Nathan, unless you've outgrown that method of making friends... :P

Mom said...

~the Internet probably *was* around when you were born, but just in its larval form...a bunch of university geeks with their computers linked together

~your Great Uncle John was killed at Normandy, not on D-Day but a few days after.

~in real life you do not mess with your hair like that; if you did I would have smacked your hand a long time ago. :)

Anonymous said...

Re: your comment on my blog - I totally did that saaaame process of "who/what is Take That?" and discovered the same thing, they've been around for ages, ha! Weird feeling. :D

Love this: "Not terribly profound, but then it is Monday." Ahahaha, SO awesome. :) Glad you like the song!

Uncle Jim said...

John enlisted August 23, 1943, at the age of eighteen. He earned a Purple Heart, but I've not been able to determine what injury he suffered prior to his death.

He was killed August 10, 1944, roughly two months after D-Day.

Some elements of John's unit (the 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division) were near Lison, France at the time, but the bulk of the Division was at St-Barthélemy, roughly two miles north of Mortain.

The American units at Mortain were attacked by four separate German Panzer divisions; Mortain itself was captured by the Nazis early on August 7, but the valiant effort of the 30th held them in fixed positions long enough for the remaining infantry and tank destroyer divisions to impose a dreadful cost.

General Bradley deliberately did not relieve the troops at Mortain, baiting the Germans to stay longer than they should. As a result, the converging forces of Generals Patton and Montgomery were able to encircle and crush the attacking Panzer divisions.

The battle's significance was overshadowed by the later Battle of the Bulge, but the success of the 30th at Mortain was a key factor in making the Bulge a necessary (if last-ditch) German effort.

I'm glad John didn't die from food poisoning or in a stupid behind-the-lines jeep accident.

I would have liked the chance to know him.

Natalie said...

Oh, I forgot you'd been doing research! Fascinating. Yes, it would have been nice to know him.