Monday, March 22, 2010

Well then DON'T answer the phone!

I finally psyched myself up to calling the local community college because I had some questions (is that redundant, "local community"?) and because Mom suggested I might need an appointment for what I wanted to talk to them about, as opposed to walking into the admissions office and expecting the secretary to be able to answer my questions.

Have I mentioned that I hate making phone calls? Well, I do. It's something I need to get over or at least come to terms with. In the meantime I despise it.

So I'm not thrilled about calling someone I don't know. I figured out what I was going to ask them, hoped they'd understand me, and guess what...the line was busy. And it's still busy. I suppose perhaps the admissions office is not open on Mondays, so it just says that the line is busy? Who knows.

At this rate I will be irritated enough when I do finally get through that I will no longer be terrified. Nothing like indignation to overcome terror. And if I don't get through...I guess I'll email them or go ahead and walk in there on Wednesday and set up a proper appointment then if I need to.


Anonymous said...

Nah "local community" isn't redundant. A community as a collective people group can be situated anywhere, anyplace and in any time period. Without the anchor of the word "local" there really isn't any way to say which community college you called. Now we are informed that you called a community college that is near to your location...

Rebecca said...

I absolutely hate this about Raymond Walters...something always comes up that I need to call about, and I am terrified of calling and procrastinate, and then when I finally get up the nerve, nobody answers. Or I am told the phones are "sort of messed up today".

It is much harder to deal with this stuff in person, though. The people in the office seem annoyed that they have to talk with me. Maybe they are just introverts too :)

Natalie said...

Thank you, Anonymous. :)

Well, I finally got through, Rebecca, and got an appointment made. But I think I was squeaky and said "um" at least eight times. :P

I'm okay with talking to people in person, if a person is snippy I'll just get equally snippy and be perfectly happy to deal with them, I guess. :D

Elisabeth said...

AHHHHHH! I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone. With a passion. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Texting and email save me from social disgrace.