Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hi, it's Saturday

And I made another vlog. It came out a little rough because it picked up every bump I went over, and I must not have had the iPod strapped to the sun visor very well.

Oh, and to make a long story short, when I say "the cheese guy", I'm referring to a time a few years ago when my cousins were here to visit. We were a little hyper, as usually happens when we get together, and we went to the grocery store, didn't pick up enough bags of cheese, realized this in the checkout lane, and the guy working in that lane had to wait while we consulted/dithered/ran to get more cheese. Meanwhile, he stood there looking baffled and thoroughly convinced we were crazy.

Moral of the story: don't go grocery shopping with five people, and if you do, avoid making the grocery store clerk's life confusing...they can't handle it.


Rebecca said...

That poor guy. You give him such a hard time :P

Please email me when you have a chance! You can't keep just giving me little teasers like this :)

Natalie said...

I console myself by considering that there are probably worse grocery store customers than me. :D

Ahhh!! yes, yes, I'll go start on an email now!

You have every right to be upset too, you're probably looking at my Twitter feed and wondering why I can write multiple 140-character messages in one day, and yet can't type up a dang email! Well...that's what I'd be thinking anyway. ;)