Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh seriously

I think I've become one of those annoying adults. You know, one that remembers things from when they were younger and insists on reminiscing about when "they were your age...", to the utter boredom of the kids listening.

A couple weeks ago, one of the little girls at church was wearing a yellow dress with a lace collar and I while was looking at it, it suddenly dawned on me that it was "one of those dresses!". When I was her age (9-10ish) there were these dresses, made by My Michelle, I think; they came in various colors and fabrics, but they all had the same exact lace collar. As I recall, all the other girls my age also had one in one of the many colors they came in.

This was the only photo I could find of one of those collars.

So I of course had to tell this girl about those dresses being around when I was little. To her credit she didn't look bored. Maybe I was just an easily irritated little kid. I guess I am and always have been sensitive to anything that seems condescending, which in retrospect, stories like that are not. :P At any rate, I'll try to remember to keep my irritating exclamations to myself...or just say what the heck, and be an annoying older person... Hmm, sounds like a plan. :D

Have done this? And if you're a girl, did you have one of those dresses when you were a kid?


Abigail said...

Yes, I had one of those dresses. But no, I haven't done the old person thing. :P

Lizzie said...

I don't know if I had a My Michelle... but I certainly had a few dresses that had lace collars.

I haven't done that... don't know as I've had an opportunity though, since I don't recall actually seeing a girl wearing one of those dresses. I have done the "old person" so-what's-your-favorite-school-subject question. I couldn't believe myself when I heard myself say it... =P

I agree... we should just be annoying older people. It's kinda fun, actually... ^_^

Ana said...

I do that, too!!! I tell the little kids about "I used to," or "When I was your age." I feel rather silly and old, too. But, being older than you, I'm going to say, welcome to "old age Natalie." ;)

Anonymous said...

lol, great post! I don't remember having a dress like that, but it does like REALLY familiar. :D

Thanks for the blog comment, btw! :)