Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Labor Day/ Birthday Weekend

Well, I finally got some sleep last night and a chance to sleep in this morning, so I'm back on track after this long weekend! However, I keep forgetting what day it is, so maybe I'm only back on track as far as sleep goes. And it was a busy weekend.

Kyle came up here for the weekend and during the course of the weekend we watched the original Star Wars trilogy, because I had sadly never watched any of them and something had to be done about that. :) I liked them a lot! And they were funny too! Paisley also liked, actually she liked there being people sitting in the living room who obviously had nothing better to do than pet her. R2-D2's noises made her a little jumpy though. (Incidentally: Han Solo's much better than Luke Skywalker. Luke's a whiny little boy. Granted, he did get a little better by the third movie.)

Saturday we went hiking at Hanging Rock, and I discovered that Kyle is apparently the one person I know who will go even closer to the edge of a mountain than I will anymore. Plus it was very windy up there, so he was really scaring me. :P

I stayed a bit further from the edge, though you can't really tell in this photo:

How sad is it that I don't really know how to do anything crazy or make funny faces in a photo? My reaction to being told "Do something crazy!" is "Uhhh.......I dunno what to do...". Comes from being a photographer's daughter, I guess. When you're getting your photo taken, you look photogenic, not crazy. Or, not purposely crazy at least.

That was Saturday, which of course was my birthday, so that night Mom made tacos (my favorite!), Grandma and Grandpa came over, and I opened presents and the 20 bazillion cards that I got. Okay, I exaggerate, but it seemed like I got a lot of birthday cards this year! I don't have any birthday pictures on my camera, but Dad took a few, so I got them off their computer.

Cake (and I blew out all the candles at once, which I haven't done for a long time!)

Hehe, Grandma got me Hello Kitty pajamas. I'm not really a Hello Kitty kind of girl, if you didn't know that. But they are warm and fuzzy... :)

I got a telephoto lens for my camera!

Let's see, the next day was Sunday. (Really, Sunday came after Saturday?! Whaaat?) We went to the same church we visited last week, and this week the regular pastor was back in town. It was a really great sermon and great music! We sang a few choruses I'd never sung before, and some that I'd forgotten that I knew and loved.

Sunday afternoon consisted of wandering around Reynolda Gardens and Old Salem, and making plans for Monday.

There's usually Ultimate Frisbee on Monday nights, but some of the frisbee crowd were planning on hiking Monday Hanging Rock. Ha! So, more hiking up there! :D We went on a different trail though, one I actually hadn't ever been on at all, so that was cool for a change.

Not quite as close to the edge...

Then, despite all the hiking we all went and played frisbee that evening, and as usual got hot and sweaty and slightly beat up and injured (er, well, I did anyway). It was a good game; really, the ones that involve a bit of injury seem to end up being the best. Unfortunately...?

I don't feel 21. Apart from feeling a bit stiff and sore the past few days anyway, but that's from hiking & frisbee and that would've happened last year too. :P It's really weird too, it doesn't feel like it was very long ago at all that I turned 20. Wow. What a crazy year it's been. 21...that's going to take a while to sink in. I really should go and drink something sometime, just because. (Did have wine for communion on Sunday...and wished I hadn't. That was not a pleasant red wine.)

One last photo from hiking:

All in all it was a simply awesome weekend. :)


Ana said...

Neat-o pictures. Looks like you guys had a ball!! :)

Just wanted to let you know I posted the choc chip cookie recipe on my blog for you. :) Enjoy!

Natalie said...

Thanks, Ana! :)

Melody said...

happy belated b-day, hope you had a good time and 21 is an awesome age!