Saturday, September 18, 2010

More than ready for fall

Apparently I managed to completely irritate my mom with my last post, because she doesn't like any of that song, and I got the whole song (complete with its bad grammar) stuck in her head.

On the other hand, I'm going to argue that we're even because later in the week, unable to come up with the name of Lewis Carrol (as part of something we were discussing) she proceeded to quote lyrics from "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. (Because if you weren't aware, that song is, in a very trippy way, Alice in Wonderland-related. I mean, sort, nevermind.) My brain being what it is, I knew what she meant, but I also got the song in my head. And let me tell you, there is nothing like getting the sound of Grace Slick shrieking "remember! what the dormouse SAID....FEED YOUR HEAD!!" on a nearly constant loop in your mind. It's still not completely gone. Which is why I say we're even, if not more so.

But, that's not what I was intending to blog about. Excuse my digression.

I was intending to blog about the fact that I have birthday money, and needed a few clothes for this fall, so I did some shopping yesterday. At Goodwill, because that's where I find most of my awesome clothes. Especially since I needed jeans. I may have mentioned this before, but it's hard to find jeans, and apparently the only ones that fit me right are expensive brands. :/ So, I get them at Goodwill instead and pay $5 rather than $50. Only problem is that it's rather hit and miss, so sometimes I find several pairs, or I might find nothing at all. I found one pair yesterday, plus a pair of black pants, two pairs of pajama pants, a brown jacket, a green t-shirt, and another green t-shirt that is too big for me, but I intend to alter. Oh, and two t-shirts for Dad and Colin. All for under $30. If I said things like this, I would say "I heart Goodwill". But...I don't, so "I love Goodwill and bargains!" :D

The jacket I will have to take a picture of tomorrow, because I'm going to wear it to church. I was planning on wearing it with jeans and such, but I discovered that it will also go perfectly over a dress a friend gave me some time ago. I don't wear the dress very often because it's not great colors to have near my face (brown and beige pattern on lots of off-white background) but it will work great with the jacket over it, plus it looks very Jane Austen-esque. :) Edwardian, I suppose the style would be, but "Jane Austen-esque" describes it much better.

And the black pants will have to be hemmed, because apparently pants have to be extremely long these days. (Hmm, I noticed that the tag does say "long" on it, so that explains some of the extra length, but they're still awfully long. Hello, extra 5 inches of fabric...)

Anyway, I'm very happy to have found some nice clothes at Goodwill for this fall! If it ever is's supposed to be in the 80s still this week. :( But I think that's really about right; it cools off around my birthday, but then it really starts getting cool the first week of October, in time for the fair. October is my favorite month. :)

Oh, I bought some boots on sale at Target a couple weeks ago too:

Haha, they look huge in that picture! Ah well, plenty of room if I decide to put my pants legs inside them, and they'll keep my feet warm this winter.

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Kristen B said...

I heart Goodwill. :D

It's always great finding... great bargains!