Tuesday, December 19, 2006

December 19th already...

and I still haven't posted about Thanksgiving... um, sorry? And beta blogger won't keep me signed in...argh. It's about enough to make me change to Wordpress. Now let's see if Blogger dumps my blog for saying that! :)

Anyway, Thanksgiving. My cousins came, we had a really, really good time, we took lots of funny pictures, we ate lots of turkey, and there were lots of weird conversations.
And I present: "Things overheard, to make you laugh!" *cheesy grin*

During one conversation, I don't know how this even came up, but my grandpa says, "You know that movie, with... McQuilken... no child left behind?" Someone said "Is that like President Bush's new movie, or something?" It turned out he meant "Home Alone" and the kid's name was Macauly something or other, but that had us laughing, especially my cousin Jim, through Friday.
And after some mention of Monty Python, my grandpa quite seriously says "Well, I think he's dead isn't he?" He's... he's? um...uh... okay....
And overheard by my cousin Jim as they were leaving their hotel Saturday: "That guy's been sittin' up there on that balcony all morning. You 'spose he's watchin' us?" Ah yes, we live in North Carolina!
Anyway, all in all it was a really fun, hilarious visit, we played Apples to Apples, Rebecca and I played guitar, and it was altogether pretty awesome!

So, yeah, that sounds pretty boring all written out, but believe me, you get my relative together, and boring is not what you'll get! :)


Jim said...

McQuilkin!!! (Bursts out in laughter)

Rebecca said...

Lovely...he's started it again :D

Natalie said...


Sorry about that! :D