Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What I have been up to lately

Not blogging obviously! I don't really make New Year's resolutions, but I should start blogging more regularly.

1. I'm trying to finish a math book
2. We mailed cookies and candy stuff to our relatives
3. I've been sick
4. I've been knitting
5. We've been doing other various things related and not, to Christmas.
6. Oh, I finished the tree skirt!
7. And working on Christmas gifts for my friends.

Our church Christmas program was last Sunday night, and I was supposed to be singing in an ensemble, but I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat. There's a cold going around, at least in North Carolina, and lots of people have gotten it.
You can hear the recording of the service here. Mom and I were both sick, but we felt well enough to go Sunday night and sit in the back. As it turns out we were probably about a quarter of the audience practically. We don't have a very big church, and most of the people were in the program!

Here's the picture of the finished tree skirt:

It's not as perfect as my perfectionism would like, you just can't sew that big of a piece of fabric perfectly unless you have a lot of space and a big sewing machine. But it certainly looks fine overall, it just the little details that bug me!
The present under the tree are ones from relatives. We haven't gotten around to wrapping present yet!

Here's the sweater I'm working on:
That's just the shoulder part mostly. It's this pattern except I'm making it longer, and I'm not going to use any of the fluffy stuff that's on the sleeves. I started this on Sunday, and I'm hoping maybe I'll be able to get it done for Christmas, or actually the 24th, and I'll wear it to church.

Mom and I went to a cross-stitch get-together Saturday before last. It was in Asheboro, which is about and hour away, and I got to drive there and back...fun! The get-together was fun too... :)

And I've been eating these:
They came in a Christmas package from my Aunt and Uncle, and I really want to see if there's some way to make them, because they're delicious! They taste like they have chocolate in them, and they're so creamy! I think they remind me of those Andes little mint chocolate bars, so maybe that's why I think they should have chocolate in them?

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